Full Moon Eclipse Arrives on the Forth

Expect the unexpected when a revolutionary full moon eclipse arrives in Libra on the 4th, that has the potential to effect our lives for months to come.

This energy will culminate events that began in the spring of last year, purging any remaining blind spots by shocking us into seeing what is so. Fated events could occur that can align us more fully with our path so be slow to respond, tempering reactive tendencies with thought and consideration. Relationships of all kinds come to the foreground and our attention is drawn towards issues of love and trust, money and power, loyalty, personal freedom, balance, justice, equality, partnership, and our treatment of the environment. Earth changes are possible. 

Seek out harmony in your inter-connectedness by recognizing that we cannot control each other and must try to dance. Bypass any tendency to view things as black vs. white, exploring the grey area for understanding around why you are in your current circumstances and what growth is being asked of you now. If you have been prioritizing needs of security, love is about to get the upper hand. If you have been clinging to your circumstances, you may be asked to let go and trust, allowing space for compassion and understanding to surpass your own wants and needs. If there is a truth on the table that you have consistently managed to avoid, remove the rose colored glasses and see things as they are. This time period will provide cleansing of anything that has expired and some projects and plans could die on the vine if they haven’t been given enough nutrients to grow. What may feel like a rock and hard place is actually an opportunity to acknowledge how you really feel. Start at the beginning and seek to align all of your inner voices by accepting that you create your own reality. Heal the parts of yourself that you reject, choosing new ways of seeing your life that mirror an evolving relationship with yourself and what you truly desire. Honor and integrate the needs of your inner child with the needs of your highest self, finding resolution that both can live with. Let this higher awareness guide you towards Communion by softening your responses and filling you with appreciation for those who support you. 

See beyond what scares you, to the miracles that are possible if you believe that the cards are destined to deliver you to where you are meant to be. The power of the mind is infinite and can be used to fill our body with fear or to compose a masterpiece! Chose to think happy thoughts that will direct the course of your Life; fill yourself with Love, trusting that the best possible version of the future will naturally emerge. 

Brilliant Jupiter spins direct in Leo on the 8th, asking us to share our beauty with the world. Let go of any reason you may be holding yourself back, as the new you radiantly emerges. Avoid drama by channeling your fiery emotions into creative expression; take your hair down and dance on life’s stage, be fiery, outrageous and bright. Step up and celebrate how well you are weathering the storm; If you feel spontaneous, throw a party. If you crave excitement, try on different masks or improvise. Projects that have felt stagnant will gain momentum now; gather your resources, your tribe, your values and your necessities, focusing on making the most of the seeds of new life available. Clean off the lens through which you see yourself, recognizing that you are at your most powerful when you release your fears and allow yourself to feel joyful, grateful, and hopeful. Play is the best approach. Set aside what you know in order to make room for your divinity. Feel with your skin and think with your heart, giving yourself over to the romance that is worthy of your pleasure. Every opportunity that comes is a chance to explore what fulfills you; sing your desires to the heavens and frolic among the multitude of unfolding possibilities.