Full Moon on Taurus

When the full moon arrives on the 17th in Taurus, take a break from the craziness.

Accent your world with soft words, graceful movements, and small thoughtful touches that let others know you care. Get out into nature, filling your senses with the sights and sounds. Spend time in the sandbox, building castles upon a foundation of love. Eat delicious foods, and sweeten your days with deep- bellied laughter. Sing lullabies that give depth to your dreams.

Major Earth changes, seismic movement, and/or events that shock our greater community could occur throughout the next few months, in a reflection of all the current planetary activity. If you find yourself in proximity, do what you can to assist, without hesitation. Be courageous in sharing your gifts freely with others, and give thanks that your talents can support those in need.

Acknowledge that the ring may be safe in the jewelry box, but that is not what it was meant for; it was created to shine. Play fair, share and cooperate, letting the force of connection move mountains that would not shift with just your weight alone.