Gemini Full Moon: Free Your Mind of Potholes

The Gemini Full moon arrives in the early morning of the 6th, with the power to awaken our consciousness to the next level of interconnection. As the lines of communication open and amplify our sensitivity, how we speak our truth is ready to evolve. What we think is affecting our world and reinforcing whatever we perceive.

Use this opportunity to free your mind of potholes and recognize anything that you have been hiding behind in order to avoid feeling vulnerable. Stop taking things personally and weed out habits that are keeping you from intimacy, adjusting your communication to allow space for all sides. Overcome duality by balancing all input with discrimination, using patience and compromise to work through your differences. Expand where you are ready and seek help from the outside to conquer obstacles in your path, honoring the growth that is necessary to mature. Get excited, stay focused on the positive and see the good in EVERYTHING, as pivotal moments that change the way we view our reality are possible.

When Jupiter spins retrograde on the 8th in Leo, we are swimming far from shore and must instinctively move towards the call of our destiny.

Our natural intelligence grows stronger, vision clears, and we begin to see the goal ahead. Some may experience a reversal in fortune now, while others could have their ship come in. Avoid ego battles by staying strong in your circumstances and accepting your hand good-naturedly, finding hope in the little things.

Reconnect with your greater community and listen to each other for a fresh perspective. Learn to tolerate the flaws and appreciate the things that make us different; generosity and gratitude provide endless opportunity for goodness. Be aware of what you have to share and be careful what you do with what you know, mining your soul for the kindest, most genuine parts of yourself. Grow in integrity by meeting the world with dignity and investing in what has meaning. Circumstances could revolve around children, fertility, support, resources, creativity, talent, power struggles, leadership, rulership, war, luck, gambling, religion, education, fire and the law through April of 2015.