Guard Against Fear-Based Mental Processes

Mercury stations direct in Cancer on the 20th, bringing resolution to things that began in mid June. If we have not yet gleaned a deeper level of emotional truth, circumstances will arise now that can offer us insight and clarity. Tread softly at this time. There are many different energies at play.

We are in the process of learning how to discern the difference between the voice of our higher intuition, and the voice of our worries and fears. Guard against allowing fear-based mental processes to influence your heart-centered wisdom. Bold, ego driven action could have unforeseen consequences. Clear the air around recent misunderstandings by speaking with compassion. Let love guide you to create resolution and harmony. Take the plunge and share yourself deeply with others. Be courageous and follow the signs towards beautiful connections that can truly nurture your heart. If you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, breathe deeply, and do repetitive exercise. Spend time on, in, or near the water, letting the ebb and flow of the tides replenish your spirit and create peace in your life.

Our emotions become grounded when Venus moves into Virgo on the 22nd.

Take it moment by moment. Create order out of chaos, building a ritual out of each routine in your daily life. Allow feelings of impatience to fuel your resolve. Healing becomes a top priority. Clean up your act, quitting any lingering addictions. Make a goal out of feeling healthy. Go with the flow and pay attention to the details. Begin to develop a relationship with the part of yourself that cares for your weaker and more vulnerable spaces. Gather the courage to tenderly plant seeds of the future. Be gentle in your opinions, and do your best not to take anything too seriously. Release the need to prove your strength to others or to yourself. Be kind. Criticism will only serve you if it facilitates positive changes in your lifestyle. 

Smile through every circumstance, and should it storm, make sure to dance in the mud puddles. Aim to enhance your life, one growth filled day at a time. Many Blessings and Pura Vida!