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Nosara's Homeland: its Fiestas Uncovered

by Oliver Pérez
Photographs by Emiliana Garcia

With open arms, Nosara received hundreds of visitors and party-goers eager to continue celebrating the New Year. On Friday, January 28th, the second day of the Fiestas, the bull riding events started at 7 p.m. with bulls from La Nueva Esperanza and La Gloria Hacienda, who brought bulls such as the Tequila, Miguelito, El Mechón, El Arete, El Comején, Bolita, Carqueso, Bon Bon and El Dalmata.

The VON was near the exit or the so-called toril (bullpen) where bulls are prepared  (with a harness or rope that is placed around their belly); there, the preparers rush in order for the bulls to be ready in less than five minutes for ridding, while the riders are off to side, putting on their spurs, helmet and protective vest.

When the rider has put on all of his protective gear, some bow in God's name, as  a way of asking him for protection and a good ride. Meanwhile, in the  bleachers and at the edge of the bullring (the so-called "barrera"), hundreds of eyes are set on the door through which the bull and his rider will exit, in a battle to prove who's stronger. Before giving the characteristic "¡puerta!" shout, the presenter gives the rider some last-minute orders: do not waste time. On Friday, Jorge Arturo “El Cañero”, representative of the Los Populares riding group, watched over every detail of the preparation process before the exit.

“You have one minute to go out”, Cañero told William Ortega, who spent several minutes getting the bull ready for their exit since the Pelotita was not in the required position for exiting.

Afterwards came the turn for the only woman bull rider of the evening, Kendry Flores, known as “La India”, who had prepared minutes before by disinfecting the spurs, as is stated in the regulations for bull's protection. During the exit Kendry's leg was banged by the door and therefore, she was not properly seated over the bull when she entered the bullring. Upon falling to the ground, Kendry remained paralyzed face down for a few seconds, as must be done to avoid being hurt by the bull. A few moments later, Kendry was taken out of the ring by several people, who cleaned off the superficial wound on the brave rider's knee with Imperial beer.

The event ended at 10:20 p.m., when the last person to shout "¡puerta!" was Geiner Casanovam, who came out on the back of El Dalmata.

In Nosara, there is an area for every taste: in the northern part of the Fiestas, the family area is filled with Ciudad Mágica carousels (approximately 6 games).  In the middle, Chinese, Italian and fast food restaurants can be found. In the southern part is the concert area, where invited artists such as singer Gregory Cabrera and Taboga Band held concerts on Friday, January 28th and Saturday, January 29th, respectively.

The fairground (Campo Ferial) is watched by Nosara police officers along with 7 additional officers from the Liberia's Fuerza Publica's National Reserve. In addition, there was a private ambulance stand.

The new queen of the Nosareños, Jacqueline Alvarado Chavarría, was elected on Friday, with over 2,371,500 million colones raised in vote sales and sponsorship. In addition to winning the crown, she was awarded a motorcycle. The 1st runner up is Sujaira Pérez Ávila, who was awarded a mini netbook, while the 2nd runner up, Mauren Álvarez,  received a digital camera.

The music for Jacqueline's crowning was in charge of Discomóvil Emociones and Costa Rican-Colombian singer, Gregory Cabrera, who caused great admiration and excitement among the female audience that crowded around the small stage while singing along to his songs, some even daring to reach over and touch him. The party went on well past 2 a.m.!

In Nosara, her beauty is unique, natural, with no artificial ingredients. Her perfect figure seems to have been hand shaped from heaven and her cinnamon-toned skin painted by the burning sun of her hometown.

One of the many food stores inside the Nosara Fiesta. The Vigoron consist of rice, salad and fried pork.


Jackeline Alvarado (in black and white dress), as the Nosara Queen 2011

Candidate Jackeline Alvarado, who was chosen as the new Nosara Queen, spend time in front of the mirror.

All queen candidates spend their own money to buy brand new dresses and flashy jewelry.

Women were staring at the Colombian-Costa Rican singer, Gregory Cabrera, while he was sensually moving his body on stage.

When the Horseshoes Were Heard Throughout Nosara


On Saturday, January 29th, over 300 equestrians found the perfect excuse to  party at the Nosara Fiestas, which had started the previous Thursday.

Among the accessories preferred by horse riders at Saturday's Tope, the hats, checked shirts, jeans and cowboy boots stood out, although liquor bottles and beer cans where also present to liven up the party but, in spite of it all, no one lost their good sense.

The riders started arriving by noon to the meeting place, where a reception prior to the parade took place. There, by paying an entrance fee, people could enjoy the food and drinks. Meanwhile, the music played by the cimarrona led to plenty of dancing, clapping and cheering. It was truly an afternoon for everyone to enjoy!

Although the Tope was scheduled to start at 3 p.m., it was delayed by a few minutes. The horses were escorted by cars, motorcycles, bicycles and people without a vehicle, who had no other choice but to walk. The famous bull, El Malacrianza, also joined the parade; he was taken on a truck all the way up to the bullring and, although he wasn't mounted, the goal was to give people a chance to see him up close.

At 4:45 p.m. the horse riders arrived in complete order at the Centro Ferial. Half an hour later, in the concert's area, Taboga Band captivated the crowd with their rhythmic Cumbia music. Even the song dedicated to the Malacrianza bull was danced and sung by the lively audience.

As if all of this was not enough, Saturday's party did not stop there! In another area the bulls from Hacienda Los Cocodrilos were doing their job. With packed bleachers and a full bullring, the bull riders gave quite a show!

Marcos Ávila, President of the Organizing Committee, mentioned to the VON that in average, 500 people came to enjoy the Toros (bullfights) each day.


Bull rider, Kendy Flores, known as the "India", drinks beer while getting help from the riders assistants after being kicked by a bull.



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