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Town Must Organize to Keep Police in Samara

By Arianna McKinney


The problem of the location of the Samara Police Force came to a head this week when the Ministry of Health presented the delegation with five working days notice to close the police station. 

A meeting was held on Friday, January 28 at the Patio Colonial in Samara to discuss what to do to prevent losing police presence in Samara. About 40 were in attendance, including future mayor Marco Jimenez. During the meeting it was determined that the most probable solution to the problem is for the community to work together to remodel the current station.

Early in 2010, the Ministry of Health advised the police of several health problems with their facility. Due to the cost of repairing the facility, an effort was made to locate a suitable property to build a new station. Although a lot had been offered near the gas station and funds were promised by DINADECO (National Direction of Community Development) to build a new station, the project stalled, in part because many were unhappy with the idea of having the police station so far away from the center of Samara. 

Indalecio Gutierrez, District Chief for San Martin and third in command for the Public Force of the Canton of Nicoya, explained that the problem with the police station in Samara is not the structure of the building, which was repaired and enlarged about 7 years ago. One of the main problems is the building’s drainage. The septic tank is full and has collapsed. Wastewaters enter the station in the winter and produce a foul smell in the summer.

The five-day-notice from the Ministry of Health, however, has motivated people to pull together and find a solution. “We have to get organized,” stated Miguel Gomez, executive secretary of the Integral Development Association of Samara, at the beginning of the meeting. “We have to take responsibility.” 
Jose Angel Gomez Matarita, District Chief for the Public Force in Samara, displayed the five-day-notice to those present at the meeting and explained that the police have four months to see if a solution can be reached to keep a police presence in Samara. The Voice of Nosara tried to confirm this information with the Ministry of Health in Nicoya, but they refused to make comments about this situation until Tuesday February the 1st.

During the meeting, the discussion shifted from the previous efforts to find a lot for building a new facility to the more practical and immediate possibility of remodeling the current facility. Gomez proposed using about 3 million colones ($6000) of the funds from the Samara Fiestas to remodel the current facility, recognizing it as the most important need of the community at present and four members of the Asociación Progresista de Samara (Samara Progressive Association) present at the meeting offered their support. 

Marco Carmona, president of CASATUR, after the meeting summed up the new plan: remodel the existing facility and during the course of the week locate an office or apartment in Samara that the police can use during the remodel.


More Regional News

Mother Drowns While Attempting to Save Daughters in the Ocean

A woman identified as 35-year-old Kattia María Umaña Chaverri drowned on Tuesday, January 25th while on vacation with her husband and daughters at Playa Guiones.

The unfortunate incident took place a few minutes after 1:00 p.m., while the victim and her daughters where playing at a place known as the "Los Piletones" when, without realizing it, the rising tide prevented them from touching the sandy bottom with their feet. More >

Coordination of Private Security and Tourist Police Thwart Robbery

Two men were arrested by Tourist Police on the morning of Saturday, January 22 on suspicion of theft. The joint response of the police along with a private security company, managed to break a string of robberies that had occurred in the “K Section” neighborhood over several weeks. More >

Fishing Tournament Benefits Garza School

• 3-day activity won great local support and participation
• Respect for sustainable fisheries a condition for participating teams

"Anyone could participate", says Gabriel Coronado Guardia, member of the organizing committee for the Second Annual Surfcasting Tournament held at Playa Garza. Because it required only fishing line, the activity brought together twenty-three teams of all ages, children, youth and seniors, who shared and competed on equal terms. More >

Red Cross Will Not Cover the Nosara Fiesta
• Health emergencies will be the responsibility of private enterprise
• Red Cross says it has no responsibility for problems arising from this decision

The Nosara Development Association (DNA), the organizing body of the January Fiesta, decided not to hire the Nosara Red Cross (NRC) for the fiesta which begins January 27. Instead, they have contracted with a private ambulance to provide emergency services during the 5 days of the event. More >

“I Am Eager to See the Results of My Work” Marco Ávila, Nosara’s Next Representative

At 39, Marco Ávila, owner of “Viveros Tropicales Nosara” and with a short political career in his favor, won a place as representative during the municipal elections held on December 5th, 2010. More >

Interview with Marcos Jimenez, Mayor elect of Nicoya
“I promise not to betray the trust of the people who elected me”

After being favored by the support of the majority of Nicoyanos to be mayor for the next five years, for the Liberacion Nacional Party, the current Secretary of the Municipal Council, Marcos Jiménez Muñoz, initiated immediately negotiations with his future collaborators to plan productive projects for the canton. These consist for the most part in two projects: the environment and solid waste management. More >

Elections Results Samara
New Syndic Bonifacio Diaz Cares for Mom and Community

Bonifacio Diaz Zuñiga, the new Samara Syndic for the Liberacion Nacional party, considers himself a simple person, humble, but he also considers himself a community leader. He says that he intends to carry out the challenge of community leadership in the best way possible. More >

Jet Skis Spark Controversy
in Samara

Nicoya Mayor Asks Business to Stop Running Jet Skis
Until Reviewed

A new business has many Samara residents concerned about safety and the environment. On November 23, Zona de Confort, owned by Canadian Janet Park-Brogan, began renting, among other things, jet skis. The new activity may be fun for some, but for others it is viewed as a danger.
More >

Total Lunar eclipse viewed from Nosara

On December 21st, from 1:30 to 3:30 am, photographer Rolf Sommer stayed up to see and photograph this unique event. More >

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