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“I Am Eager to See the Results of My Work” Marco Ávila, Nosara’s Next Representative

By Emiliana García


At 39, Marco Ávila, owner of “Viveros Tropicales Nosara” and with a short political career in his favor, won a place as representative during the municipal elections held on December 5th, 2010. From a family that traditionally has followed the Liberación Nacional party and which is headed by his father and current Nosara representative, Claudio “Cuyo” Ávila, Marco is the type of person who gets an idea into his head and won’t stop until he achieves it. As future representative, his most important goal is for Nosara to have its own Consejo Municipal de Distrito (Municipal District Council), and he is already seeking the advice necessary to achieve it.

Ávila worked for Santa Marta’s community as President of the Junta de Vecinos (Neighbors Board) from 2008 to 2009 and, on August 2010, was elected President of the Asociación de Desarrollo de Nosara (ADN) (Development Association of Nosara). He has three children, a 22-year old from his first marriage and two girls, a 12-year old and a 14-year old, with Alicia López, to whom he’s been married for 15 years.

Just minutes after finding out he’d been elected as future representative, the VON interviewed the man who will represent the Nosareños in Nicoya’s Municipalidad for the next six years.

How do you feel now?
With great desire to work, see results soon and have our projects become a reality.



Marco Ávila with the guides that accompanied him on Sunday November 5th, left to right: Damaris Rivas (30), Marco Ávila (39), Victoria López (42) y María José Girón (13), Giovanni Ávila (brother)

Which are your immediate projects?
The dredging project of the Rio Nosara is the most important one, I have been pushing for it for over two years. A residential home for the elderly is also a top priority.

Politically, how do you differ from your father?
My ideas are different. He (Claudio Ávila) has worked mostly as established by laws and regulations, letting himself be influenced by bureaucracy. On the contrary, I want to change the system because it does not work, especially when it comes to the partidas (funds granted by the government). There are many funds that, although they’ve already been assigned, have been waiting for years. This just cannot be.

Being President of the ADN and now, starting February, 2011, Nosara’s representative, do you believe there might be a conflict of interest in occupying two important positions at the same time?
No, it’s better this way because we can create and get projects running (with the ADN) and then, as representative, I can present them to the Municipalidad.

And what if people from other political parties want to present projects through the Development Association of Nosara (ADN)?
My [political] color is just for today (December 5th); starting Monday, December 6th, I will work alongside everyone else for our town’s improvement and therefore, I am open to projects from other people and political parties.

Some of the foreign residents believe you are against the “American Project”…
I have nothing against foreigners, it is a well-known fact that we depend 100% on them especially since livestock breeding no longer generates the necessary income. I am aware that some foreigners have been responsible for thefts that have occurred in green spaces and I have the documents to prove it, however, many foreigners have also been regular customers at my “vivero” (plant nursery) for years. I have no enemies, in spite of having filed a report against Los Amigos de Nosara. (Los Amigos was an organization established by foreigners in 1982 with the purpose of supporting commercial, industrial, agricultural and environmental activities and projects, and which was dissolved in May, 2008).

What can we expect during the next 6 years from Marco Ávila?
I plan on meeting with the Nosara Civic Association and the Asociación de Desarrollo de Esperanza (Development Association of Esperanza) to carry out the Municipal District project. Our goal is to join efforts with everyone: Samara, Barco Quebrado, etc. We will then go to Marcos Jiménez, Nicoya’s future Mayor, since he has already given us his word. Nosara is being neglected, we generate a lot and receive nothing in return. I hope this project becomes a reality and I will do everything I can to attain it.


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