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Luggage Thefts on the Bus Between Samara and San Jose

By Arianna McKinney

Photo by Arianna McKinney

The Samara Chamber of Tourism recently issued an advisory cautioning people to keep their valuables with them in the bus at all times and not to use the overhead bins because of recent thefts. 
“The thefts are perpetrated by people who get on the bus posing as helpers, offering to stow items in the overhead bins. They disappear with the bags before the bus has left town,” according to the advisory. 

Brandon Park, owner of Entre Dos Aguas hotel in Samara, said that he has recently had guests who were robbed both coming from and going to San Jose.  One couple from Germany had one of their bags stolen as they were leaving Samara last Thursday, January 17th, losing their passports, identification, money, an iPhone, a camera and a personal diary, among other items.

They related that the individual came onto the bus, asked to see their tickets and then took their bags, so they thought he was an employee of the Alfaro bus company but were later informed that only the driver himself was an employee. 

Emilse Steller Ramirez, administrator for Alfaro in Samara, said that the bus driver was negligent during this incident since he left the bus door open when passengers were on board and he went inside the Alfaro office to drop off packages.  Ramirez said the bus driver should have closed the bus door to ensure that non-passengers wouldn’t be able to get into the bus when he wasn’t there.

Although the bus driver should be watching over things and is responsible for luggage stowed in the compartments below the bus, she advised that passengers should be very careful with their luggage.  

Park said he considers Samara as safe as anywhere else but nonetheless advises his hotel guests to “try not to leave your brain at home when on vacation.”


More Community News

Friendly Progress In Nosara For 2012

The non-profit group, Friends of Nosara, held their annual general meeting this Sunday January 6 at restaurant Marlin Bill's. The group has achieved some of their stated goals from 2012 and says that they will continue working towards them in the new year.

Samara Residents Denounce Polluting of Lagarto River

Under the bridge between Samara center and Cangrejal, two drainage pipes pour out directly into the Río Lagarto riverbed, and members of the Samara community suspect that the water is contaminated. 

Summer School in Nosara            

Nosara summer school, better known as “Escuelita”, is starting this Monday January 7th and will last for 3 weeks. Kids and youth ages 5-14 can learn animation with film, gardening, singing, cooking, photo i illustration and handi crafts, all combined with games and sports.

Nosara Elected New ASADA Board

After several attempts to gather together a big enough group of the clients of the ASADA of central Nosara, the sufficient amount of people finally came to the meeting on Friday, December 7th in order to hold the election of the new administrative board. 

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