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February Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

A revolutionary new moon falls in Aquarius on the 3rd, ushering in the Chinese New Year. Public and political affairs are highlighted, as well as issues of technology, religion, and natural resources, over the coming month. Calm your nerves by taking a moment to appreciate all the gifts, large and small. Turn anxiousness into excitement, unrest into inspired movement. Stockpile resources, but trust the universe to support and meet your needs.

When Mercury moves into the 4th, it is time to envision the future that you want. Spend time alone meditating on how to best create your desires. Think outside the box. Challenge the status quo. Allow offbeat people and situations to usher in a fresh perspective. Be friendly with each other and lend a helping hand.

Loving Venus moves into Capricorn on the 5th and turns our attention to issues of value and worth. Become realistic about your goals. Focus on quality over quantity. Get ready to work hard for the things you want. Put your finances in order. Be ethical in your pursuit of happiness, and gentle in your pursuit of others. Keep your eye on the ball, and spend each moment joyfully.

The full moon falls on the 18th in the last degree of Leo, bringing up opportunities for culmination and/or closure. Great healing is possible now, if we are willing to face our stories, and own our truth. Know you are abundant and beautiful. Get out and socialize! Avoid dramatic scenes, by channeling your emotions into creative expression.

When Mercury moves into Pisces on the 22nd, our imagination becomes stronger. Turn inward. Explore new ways of communicating. Revel in artistic pursuits. Play music, sing and dance. Listen to your intuition, and open to faith. Invite the concept of spirituality into your life, in the form of inspiration. Connect with nature.

On the 24th mars moves into Pisces and it is time to surrender and trust. We are moody and sensitive. Energy may feel sporadic. Listen to the rhythm of things. Read and respond to signs and signals around you. Release the need to control. Go with the flow. Try to stay optimistic, as we are forced to grow beyond our comfort zone. Things are changing; we are changing. Have faith- that everyone will do they’re part to make this new emerging world, a beautiful one.
Many blessings – and pura vida!

Many blessings and pura vida!

Visit Ashley's website – adorningaphrodite.com



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Childs Artistic Creativity Displayed

Mael Victory von der Weid, at age eight, could easily be described as an artistic prodigy, as the new exhibition of his canvases might lead one to believe. Since discovering his talent at age four, he has painted more than 200 canvases and has recently turned to sculpture, with “The Egg”, a meticulously balanced work of found ceramics, his centerpiece. More >

Nosara – Review Classical Guitarist, David Coto
Costa Rican Musician Offers Feast of Songs from the World

On Saturday night, February 12, a crowd of 40 people at Restaurant Vista Del Paraiso welcomed David Coto with gracious applause, while the strong ocean breeze carried the melodies from Coto’s fingers to their ears. More >

The Closing Night of Nicoya Town Fair
Nicoya closed this year’s fair with Corrida de Toros

NICOYA – Weeklong Nicoya fair ended with Corrida de Toros (Bull Run) on Monday night, February 7th, with the attendance of hundreds of Nicoyans. More >

Memories For a Poet Painter

Ever since he was a child, Fernando Matamoros, the youngest of five brothers, stood out from the rest. While his brothers worked in farming, he started sketching his first drawings. At sixteen, he left home with the intention of studying and visiting other countries; his brothers remember him mentioning Cuba and Panama but who knows where else life took him! More >

February Calendar More >

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