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Municipality of Nicoya Inaugurates New Mayor

By Oliver Perez Picado

Beginning Monday, February 7, Marcos Jiménez, officially took office as Mayor of the Municipality of Nicoya. The solemn ceremony for the change of leadership started at 2 p.m. in the city’s Central Park. Over the next five years, Jimenez will be responsible for the management of the Council budget which currently totals more than ¢2,500 million colones ($5 million).

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the new syndics of the districts of the canton, special guests and children of the School of Music, who sang the national anthem and the anthem of Guanacaste.

Juan Luis Aguirre, Nicoya’s City Council President was responsible for the swearing in of Mayor Jiménez and Deputys Mayor Ariana Rodriguez Cardenas and Fabricio Sanchez Fonseca.

The first to speak was First Deputy Mayor Rodriguez Cardenas who immediately addressed administrative functions. She called for everyone to work as a team and she promised that she will work hand in hand with the young people of the county.

In his twenty minute speech, the new Mayor complained that the outgoing Mayor, Luis Eduardo Gutiérrez, did not give a report as he leaves the Municipality.

"We need to get Nicoya going. At this time I'm opening my bank accounts to see what I have and what I will leave in five years. We are being left a deficit of over ¢ 214 million ($428 thousand) and uncollected taxes of ¢ 1,200 million ($2.4 million). On my first day in office, I find an administrative mess,” said the new Mayor.

Jimenez said that in the coming years he will bring modern management to the Municipality. He promised that money won’t be kept in the Municipality but will go to the communities for their development. On the issue of garbage, Jimenez thinks that by 2013, there will be a garbage business in Nicoya.

"We will knock on doors in the community in order to learn the needs and then work with the leaders of those community as a team. A finca worth 165 million colones was purchased with the money from the Chinese but nothing resulted from this. Now we have the problem of the trash.

Recently the Consejo Municipal stopped the purchase of a new finca because the purchase was for political reasons not associated with the trash problem,” said Mayor Jimenez in his presentation.

After the ceremony there was hugging and congratulations; the activity closed with a concert by the Salsa band Azul Plata.


Mayor Marcos Jimenez closes his eyes and rest during the music presentation. On his right is the Vice-Mayor Fabricio Sanchez with sun glasses and a hat.

from left to right: Fabricio Sanchez, Arianna Rodriguez and Marcos Jimenez

Marcos Avila, Syndic for Nosara.

Former Nicoya Mayor, Luis Eduardo Gutierrez, listening to the new Mayor speech.

Marcos Avila
Mayor Marcos Jimenez, Samara Syndics Benigna Lopez Castillo and Bonifacio Diaz Zuniga

Nicoya’s school music band
Band Salsa Azul Plata


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A truck knocked down three telephone poles in Playa Garza on Monday 14 February. The accident occurred around noon in front of Alexis fish market. More >

Samara scrambles to keep police in town

On January 14th, the Nicoya Ministry of Health issued a notice to the Samara delegation of the Public Force to move out of the Samara police facility by February 2. Although the public force requested a 3-month extension to remain in the current Samara Facility, the Ministry of Health decided not to grant the extension, leaving people scrambling to figure out how to keep police presence in Samara. More >

Neighbors Take on Vice Mayor
over Burning at Buena Vista Beach

On Friday, January 14, neighbors of Esterones of Samara were frightened as flames flared up along Buena Vista Beach. Davina Pritchard, who lives near the beach, received a frantic phone call from neighbor Elizabeth Jenkins informing her that the beach was on fire. More >

Nosara’s Autonomy at a Crossroads

Although the Contraloría General de la República ordered that, starting July 1st, 2011, all income from district councils must go to the Municipalidades, elected representative, Marco Ávila, insists that Nosara must become an autonomous district that can manage itself. More >

Asada Playas de Nosara Water Board Must Cut $5000 per Month to Meet Crisis
• Workers Agree to Pay Cuts

The water company for the American Project (ASADA) has asked its six employees to take a pay cut 25% of their salary beginning in February. The move is part of the ASADA’s effort to manage with decreased revenues while seeking regulatory approval for a higher rate schedule and impact fees for new project water hookups. More >

School Year for Nicoya Students Starts with School Closure
• Ministry of Health recommends demolition
• Students will take classes at University of San Jose

On February 10, when the first day of classes begins for this school year, the nearly 1,000 students of Leonidas Briceño Baltodano School of Nicoya will find their school building closed. The Constitutional Court has ordered the Ministries of Health and Education to take measures to protect the safety of the student community. More >

Change in Nosara District Police Headquarters
Tourist Police Turn Lead Over to Nicoya

On Thursday, January 13th, the Nosara district police headquarters were turned over to Nicoya’s Fuerza Publica, no longer being a part of Guiones’ Tourist Police, as it had been since November, 2009. More >

Tourists at beaches will continue without public bathrooms
• Constitutional Court indicated that municipalities should satisfy needs
• Ministry of Decentralization argues that there isn’t space for construction along maritime shoreline

The beaches of Guanacaste that tend to receive thousands of visitors at the end and beginning of the year don’t have sanitary toilets or public bathrooms. The municipalities of the cantons that have coastline such as Carillo, Nicoya, Nandayure and Hojancha have not resolved this lack of infrastructure. More >

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