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March Astrology Report
By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

On the 2nd mental Mercury enters Pisces and we begin to shift from fact and form into the nebulous realm of dreams and feelings. Try to read between lines and hear what is not being said. Great works of music, dance and art are possible now – along with inspired creative writing and anything pertaining to spirituality.

On the 8th Venus moves into Aries. We feel ready to begin anew. Use external restrictions to work out any last minute kinks. Time is of the essence. Discipline and centered movement will reap many rewards. Beware of hastiness that may cause accidents and creative energy leeks.

On the 10th Mars turns direct in Leo, and situations come to a head. We have had the opportunity to explore how we go about pursuing our agenda in our life. We have seen how our unresolved issues project into our environment and manifest experiences seemingly beyond our control. We have had time to integrate and heal our own shadows. Hopefully we have grown to love more deeply and sense where our true loyalties lie. We can take responsibility for ourselves, we can revel in new perspectives, we can begin to give birth to new ideas. As the ball begins to roll forward again- be really really grateful.

On the 15th the new moon falls in Pisces and moments of awakening are possible. Our collective hopes for the future start to become clear. Engage in cleansing rituals, and spend time near the water.

Surprises are likely at this time. Reach out to others in need, and watch for miracles.

On the 18th mercury enters Aries and our communication becomes fiery and expressive. We have enthusiasm to start projects and take on new experiences. Find a balance between the unknown territory and the desire for security. Have the courage to follow your passion.

The full moon in Libra falls on the 30th and asks us, one more time, to balance our relationships with our personal goals. Be sure to acknowledge those close as you spring into action. Be bold, but do not forget your friends- compromise is the key to success for the future. Seek Beauty. Act from your heart. Let your spirit guide. Believe you are protected and divinely lead. Because you are.

Many blessings and Pura vida!

Please email me at [email protected] for a private session. adoringaphrodite.com



More Entertainment News

Miami Electro-fashion Show at Estancia Nosara

It has been over two years since the Estancia Nosara Private Club opened it’s gates to the public, but on January 28th, Estancia did more than just open it’s gates – it put on an elegant evening that Nosara will not soon forget. On this night, the private club welcomed over 200 guests to the KREL Wear Fashion show of famed Miami Designer, Karelle Levy. More >

Locals Act it Up for Library Fundraiser

The annual Kitson Library fundraiser this year afforded a cast of locals the opportunity to explore their inner Thespians, and a night of fun was enjoyed by all.

Ninety-year old Buzzy Maxwell was a standout as Willie Clark, with Don Savage ably reprising the role of Al Lewis in Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys. While it’s a long road from Nosara to Broadway, many of the cast members were talking about a future for live theater here. More >

Recipe Thieves – Beware talented local chefs – your secrets are no longer safe!

This Month’s victim: Luis Alvarez, the 24 year old head chef of the tranquil Luna Azul Hotel and Restaurant nestled on the northern border of Ostional just before San Juanillo. Owners Rolf Liichtenstein and Andreas Baumann work closely with Luis to develop the very best recipes to present to their guests. This elegant menu changes nightly and is determined by what fresh ingredients are available to the kitchen each day. Luis studied his chef apprenticeship just after beginning with the hotel as a builder. Nine months later, Luis came back wanting a job as a cook and he has now been the restaurant’s chef for 4 years. More >

Fabric Artist Paints Nosara

“Happy Accidents” is the phrase that Miami Fashion Designer Karelle Levy would use to describe the way her knit fabric falls on to a person’s body. However, Karelle’s designer fabric and clothing is definitely no accident. Karelle is an artist, and her fabric is her canvas. More >

How Tatiana Lobo Burst My Bubble

What can a 26-year-old North American journalist learn from a 70-year-old Latin American author in less than 48 hours? Enough to change one life, and perhaps even more. More >



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