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Guanacaste Surf Break Survey – Part 2
By Alex Espir

Between the main Guanacaste surfing hubs of Santa Teresa and Tamarindo, there remain allot of quieter surf spots but with equal quality. Starting from Guiones, leading up North are extensive areas of beaches and reefs, many of which still relatively undiscovered. This particular bit of coastline almost has a 180 degree swell angle, i.e. it receives swells from the both the southern and northern parts of the pacific, making it probably the most consistent stretch of coastline in the world.

Medium to advanced surfers, rock/sand bottom. Right hand waves.

During large swells, you can often see a tight group of local surfers surfing a right hand wave right in front of the beach entrance by Olga’s restaurant, breaking over rock/sand bottom and fairly inconsistent. The wave is a fun wedgy right but it can be very difficult to get waves from the locals. It doesn’t really break that often either.

Advanced only right hand reef

Probably one of the most travelled to wave in Costa Rica, breaking over sharp rock/reef platform the waves getting epic and serious. As do the crowds. Although it is surfed through all tides, high tide is the go as low tide can be dangerous. Negra is known for barrels and heavy waves. However it can be a very crowded wave making it very difficult to surf.

Mostly advanced waves, sand and reef

There are a few beaches and coves between Ostional towards Playa Frijolar all of which remain relatively unexplored, or certainly unheard of. Marbella is a beach popular with people coming out of the Tamarindo area, the waves here at Playa Frijolar can get really good, breaking over a sand bottom, but is highly sensitive to both winds and tides and doesn’t really work under larger swells. It is not really a place to surf if you are inexperienced

Most skill levels, rights mainly and some lefts, reef/sand bottom and rivermouth break

At the beach of Avellanas is the spot known as ‘little Hawaii’ a right breaking at the north end of the beach on the other side of the rivermouth. More crowded at Low tide as the waves tend to be better; this spot can hold large swells. Along the stretch of Avellanas are classic Costa Rican beach breaks, which on the right conditions can produce awesome hollow waves, so check all along to find the perfect peak for you.

Playa Guiones
Beginner to Advanced, beach break, more peaks than the Himalayas

Is a world class wave, not because it has ten foot barrels every day, but because it is the most consistently surf able beach break anywhere. The fact that you can surf a short board 90 percent of the time alone, makes this wave world class. 1.2 miles of fun punchy peaks spreading the crowd and offering a variety of waves from high tide slow rollers to low tide hollow waves. Guiones can handle larger swells but the currents can get strong.

This page brought to you by Innocent Surf School.


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