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Caricaco Music Festival is Now an Addiction

by Emiliana García
photos Adam Dietrich

It’s evident that practice makes perfect, because in its fourth edition, the Caricaco Music Festival earned applause, cheers and hours of dancing from the more than 700 fans that attended the event on Saturday, March 10th. The words most often heard, or rather chanted, were “more… we want more.”

Aside from excellent organization and a variety of food, the lineup of bands flowed perfectly, starting with local Christy Massey, who played soft acoustic songs, followed by the best known DJ in the area, Mr. Paul D’acosta. While enjoying the exquisite sunset from Hotel Tierra Magnifica, no one could be better than the Costa Rican singer-writer Daniel Patiño Quintana with his ukulele playing hits and also original music. 

Zopilot heated up the night, offering a very good concert of “unexpected” instrumental rock music. Next up was the band “Incus” from the United States, a surprise for those present since it wasn’t announced that they would play in Caricaco. Their music is of gypsy origin but with musical touches from all over the world, something new for this festival.

Members of the band Sonambulo perform, they were the headlining act.
Two couples relax and cuddle under a projection playing random light.

The punk-ska group “Calle” (Street) shook up the crowd with vocalist Alejandro Gutierrez, better known as “Doctor Alejandro.” Gutierrez is the musical organizer of Caricaco, but he also works as a doctor in Nosara. The “doctor” greeted those present, presented the members of the band and took the opportunity to welcome “all my patients.”

Alejandro Gutierrez sings with band Calle. In addition to singing in a ska band he is also a doctor in the region.

The people lit up, jumped and sang until they were almost hoarse. A few sexy female acrobats accompanied them, dancing with fire and turning sensually within a suspended hoop. 
Later the vibration of the night was toned down a notch and the air filled with excellent funk music with “Cocofunka,” who are now known by the locals because of having performed in two of the four Caricaco festivals.  Oddly, after finishing their show, they didn’t want to play “one more” as the people requested of them. 

But this didn’t matter afterward, because the “Pink Floyd” of tropical music arrived: Sonambulo Psicotropical (Psycotropical Sleepwalker). Some would say that it’s an exaggeration to compare the English mystics of the famous band Pink Floyd to this young Costa Rican band, but the work of the 11 members of Sonambulo is unique, impeccable, catchy and unforgettable, even for those that don’t like tropical rhythms. 

It’s obvious that these fellows live for their music, and in addition they have the gift of knowing how to engross the public so they enter a psycho-trance, without electronic machines or famous DJ’s. With just their instruments, rhythm and two singers, they manage to hypnotize people to the point that, playing at one in the morning, hundreds continued dancing.
This time, Caricaco achieved what many other music festivals don’t: that both the bands and the audience asked for more. Now we just have to wait until 2013 to once again satisfy the new Caricaco addiction.

There was a screen projecting random light patterns above a couch.
A fan sings along during a performance by Calle.

Sustainable Caricaco

Not everything is music in Caricaco. The Nosara Recycling Association and the production of Caricaco worked together on a plan to reduce the waste produced on an event of this magnitude. Caricaco bought biodegradable plates, cups and forks. Upon entering the festival, people received one single biodegradable cup that they were to hold onto during the entire event.  If they lost it, they would have to pay 1000 colones ($2) to buy another!  It was common to see many of those present not letting go of their cup signed with their name so that someone else wouldn’t steal it.


The crowd watches a band perform while it is also broadcast on the side of the hotel building.


More Entertainment News

McPherson, 3 Guitars Featured in April 4 Concert

Guitarist Bill McPherson, who anchored the local music scene with the Medicine Show Band and his solo performances beginning in 2005, is returning April 4 with two other talents for an acoustic concert titled appropriately “3 Guitars.”

Nosara, Not Your Average Easter

Nosara Costa Rica, the wave rich town where the jungle meets the Pacific will welcome thousands this week for "semana santa" or 'holy week'. Named on the New York Times "The 45 Places to Go in 2012" list, Nosara has much to see and do from surf competitions to reggae concerts.

Fiesta to Support Samara EBAIS

Five more days of fiesta are coming your way in Cangrejal of Samara from Thursday, March 29 to Monday, April 2. Activities will include the traditional fireworks, food sales, a cantina and bull riding starting around 7 p.m. each night followed by a dance.

Funk Moved the Gilded Iguana

The Gilded Iguana hosted a special edition of their Tuesday music night on March 20. The Motet, a funk inspired octet from Boulder Colorado performed to a packed audience of about 250 people. The show had people on their feet dancing and grooving in the bar and on the lawn and drew a diverse crowd as well.

The Motet will perform at the Gilded Iguana

Boulder Colorado’s, The Motet is coming to the Gilded Iguana on Tuesday March 20. This will be the first international show they’ve played and according to the bands facebook page they are excited.

Party to the Beat of the Drums

Twice a month, Hotel Café de Paris changes its name and rhythm. On Fridays, every two weeks, you can hear the drums and see the improvised dancers going into a trance. Now, the hot spot on Fridays is the “Fish Bar”.

Nosara’s Fiestas: Lots of bulls, few people

In January the Nosara fiestas drew huge crowds numbering in the thousands, this March it was less than that. However, despite the small crowds for the opening night there was still an excellent showing. The main attraction, the rodeo, featured doubles riding, dancing and even an amateur event.

Highly successful debut of ‘El Fin’ in Nosara

A new Costa Rican film which was filmed partly in Nosara, made a very successful debut in Nosara on March 8. Organized by the Voice of Nosara, about 400 people gathered to watch the film ‘El Fin’ projected onto the side of a truck under the stars.

Pineapple, Hot-Chili and vodka?

If anyone ever offered you hot-chili with vodka at a party, you probably would've responded that they are nuts! However, during Wednesday nights at Playa Guiones, everyday life disappears as the palate absorbs new pleasures.

Music and Art Mingle in Samara's New Art Studio

The premise of El Jardin de los Artistas (The Artists' Garden) is simple: a place where artists can meet other artists in an environment of respect that fosters creativity and culture.

The Voice of Nosara Brings “El Fin” To You

If you can’t go to the movie theater, then the theater will come to you! The Voice of Nosara is proud to present the movie “El Fin” (The End) on Thursday, March 8th in the events hall of the Nosara Fiestas, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free. 

Marbella, not just for surfing anymore

VON recently caught wind of a new restaurant on the remote beach of Marbella, just 15 miles away from Nosara, so we took a trip north to this beautiful stretch of Coastline to get the scoop.

Nosara Rodeo Take On a Second Round 

If you have yet to enjoy the adrenaline of the Guanacaste bulls, here is your chance! The second round of the Nosara Fiestas will take place from March 9th to the 11th. This year's festivities, which are usually held in April, will take place before the start of the rainy season so people may fully enjoy them.

Astrology VON March 2012

Aries: Financial productivity is likely; this is the perfect time to tackle any project that you have been putting off. Disruptions and delays could be par for the course. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s to insure that everything comes off without a hitch. Use this time to review any plans for the future.

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