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Triple Crown Saw Costa Ricas First Ever Offshore Contest in Garza

By Adam Dietrich

Maikol Alvares helps to raise a banner for the Triple Crown Surf contest from the top of the judges boat.

The second round of the Triple Crown Surf contest got off to a delayed start, in Playa Garza on March 18. Originally scheduled for the day before, the contest had to be postponed because of small wave breaks.

This round was a unique affair, for Triple Crown and Costa Rica surfing. According to Esteban Lopez Paniagua, a judge, organizer and owner of Tico Surf School, this is the first surf tournament in Costa Rica held at an offshore reef.

Rather than crowd around the beach, spectators and participants loaded into sea taxis to be taken to larger boat. Those boats then congregated and anchored near out reef, off-shore of Playa Garza.

Paniagua said there were about 60 people there watching and 39 competitors in two categories. Unfortunately, due to the timing of the tides they weren’t able to run the women’s section or long-board section, rather those will be added to the final round in Guiones beach on April 7.

In the open men category, Cristian Santamaria won first place and Storm Van Timmeren took first the junior category. Although points from the second round are still being compiled, based on the first round in Ostional Vibert Wingrove Barrantes is currently first overall.

The event included three local surfers as judges, Paniagua was one, Alex Spear and Heilber Ruiz were the others. In the final at Playa Guioness there will only be two judges and they’ll be from the national surf circuit although Paniagua isn’t sure exactly who they will be.

Maikol Alvares dives into the water in preparation for his heat in the contest.
A woman floats in the sea off the coast of Playa Garza.  Out Reef, the wave
break in the horizon was the location of the second round of Triple Crown and
required that people take a boat to get there.
People watched the surf action from boats, kayaks and while swimming. The
boat in the background was the judges boat because the second level offered
the best view. The green sign indicates when a heat is in progress, when it is
turned around to yellow it signals the end of a heat.

Slater from Ostional puts on his shirt for the competition. Competitors are given coloured shirts to make it easier to see and judge


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Successful First Round for Triple Crown

The first round of the Triple Crown surf contest took place on March 10, with record setting results for participation. While the points are still be tallied to determine exactly how many people will progress to the second round in Garza there are four people with confirmed spots.

New Surf Competition Hits Nosara

There is a new competition in Nosara that is set to test the skills of local surfers. Organized by the Nosara Tico Surf School, the tournament will be an opportunity to raise money for the regional men’s surf team and their efforts in the national circuit.

Surfing at 60+
You are Never to Old to be Fit

Linda Wiegers aka Lulu is young at heart, body and mind. At 64 she has a better-toned figure and muscles than most people in their mid-20s. By 6:15 am she is out surfing, for most it is early, for her it is another day.

Daily surf report

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