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Brief Community News

Del Mar Academy School promotes water conservation

The Environmental Committee of Del Mar Academy is conducting presentations at several schools in Nosara and inviting them to participate in a drawing and writing contest about Water Conservation. The work of the finalists from each school will be exhibited in the Kitson Library and winners will be published in the Voice of Nosara.


Every year the school chooses an environmental theme that is integrated into the core and enrichment subjects and that is imbedded in all of the school`s operations. This year´s theme is "Water Conservation."
Our yearly theme enrich our many ongoing environmental projects the school continuously develops every year, such as the Organic Compost Garden, Farm Ani mal Duty, Recycling, Beach Cleanups, etc. Our comprehensive Environmental Education program helps our students increase their sense of responsibility for their community and its environment, increase their belief that they can make a difference, and increase their willingness to participate in solving environmental problems.

– Jessica Sheffield
DMA Environmental Committee Chair


$8000 were collected at the Nosara Wildlife Refuge fundraising event on Feb 23rd

Since the refuge will be relocating all habitats to a different location and a portion of one of the Refugio's habitats will be relocated to SIBU Sanctuary, proceeds will go to the disassembly, transport and reassembly of these habitats to their respective new locations.

SIBU Sanctuary reimbursed a friend for the purchase of a welder, welder's helmet and a grinder for use with the habitat relocation project as well as to finish up welding on the open canopy habitat and future habitats "in the works". A 12v DC solar electric fence charger plus electric ribbon and mounts has been purchased to complete the open canopy habitat.

They are looking into two infant incubators for the Refugio and a VitaMix machine for each location to pulverize the leaves needed for the infants and other babies. 

Both the Refugio and SIBU Sanctuary will continue to use these funds for the day to day expenses of food, maintenance, medicine and labor, as well.


Nosara Animal Care join forces with international organization

The non profit association, Nosara Animal Care (NAC) is currently renovating their future location to help support the community with a low cost spay/neuter clinic. NAC has recently teamed up with a Costa Rican foundation called Sasy! (Stop Animal Suffering Yes!) who is an international fundraising organization dedicated to animal welfare. Their joint efforts to spay and neuter dogs and cats will better the overall health of Nosara's animals and reduce the over population of hungry, sick and suffering animals in the street.

Assistance with materials for construction, labor, and funds would help NAC to open their doors a lot faster. If you wish to help in any way or would like more information about their efforts, please visit their website at www.sasycostarica.com or email [email protected]

Materials needed are septic waste pipes, a/c unit, washer/dryer, paint, ceiling material- gypsum panels, windows, plastic lamina and metal rebar.


On 5 March, the new Nosara Fireman Association was created

Among its objectives is to have a team available to the community in case of a situation, which required the fire department.

The Fireman Association has equipment consisting of 12 complete uniforms (gloves, boots, helmets, etc.) and elements needed to extinguish the fire such as pumps to carry water from a river, swimming pool, hydrant or the sea, they also have a car with hoses. This equipment is located in the office of the aqueduct of Playas de Nosara. In an emergency you can contact the service of the Fire Department through the 2682-.0571

The board is comprised of:
Vice-president: JO PINHEIRO


More Community News

Surfing Nosara Foundation’s Second Annual Fundraiser in Nosara
Art for Art

On Saturday, April 16, a crimson sunset embraced a crowd of almost 260 people, while the soft ocean breeze of Pelada Beach filling the breaths. Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) held the Second Annual Auction for the Arts at La Luna restaurant. The event ran from 4 to 8 p.m. More >

Countdown Begins for the Second Annual Art Auction
Gavel Will Hit for More Than 40 Art Pieces This Year

Nine year-old Alice Hernandez Villalobos slowly strokes her brush over the canvas, coloring in the blueness of the ocean. Not near completion yet, her piece will eventually depict a beach scene. She uses real sand in her piece, because she wants the boy in her painting to play with it. More >

Rainbows of Inspiration

April in the USA is Organ Donor month; the perfect time to share this story of a young couple’s courage and their joy and appreciation of every moment. More >

The Characters of Nosara
How Do I Know That Guy?
More Nosara Characters >

The Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) is gearing up for the 2nd Annual 'Auction for the Arts'

Every area public school has been invited to participate and has been given three canvases, paints, brushes and minor instruction by local art teachers. The children of each school are collaborating to create paintings which will be auctioned off at the event. More >

Contact us: NOSARA [email protected] / PUBLICITY and ADVERTISING [email protected]
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