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Countdown Begins for the Second Annual Art Auction
Gavel Will Hit for More Than 40 Art Pieces This Year

By Pinar Istek

Alicia Hernandez Villalovos, 9, is a 3rd grade student at the Serapio Lopez School. She paints a picture for the same auction. Alice prefers using real sand on her piece for the young character in the picture to be able to play with it.  

Nine year-old Alice Hernandez Villalobos slowly strokes her brush over the canvas, coloring in the blueness of the ocean. Not near completion yet, her piece will eventually depict a beach scene. She uses real sand in her piece, because she wants the boy in her painting to play with it. Alice is in third grade at the Serapio López Fajardo Elementary School in Nosara. She is one of the four students selected from that school to paint for an upcoming art auction.

The Second Annual Auction for the Arts, hosted by Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF), will be held at La Luna restaurant at Pelada Beach on April 16, 2011. This important local event will kick off at 4:00pm.

Surfing Nosara Foundation is an inscribed non-profit organization in Costa Rica which helps ten public schools in the Nosara area, from Las Delicias to Ostional. SNF assists these local schools with infrastructure improvements, school materials and educational program support through donations. The foundation's inaugural art auction was last year, developed with the assistance of Nina Arias, an experienced art curator and dealer.


11 year-old Adonis Díaz Martinez is a 4th grade student of the same school. He uses sand, dough and eggshells along with the regular paint. He said he is using this mixed media to able to make his painting look more real.

"The idea was to really inspire these children with art supplies and expose them to art materials so they have ways and materials to get creative. We would like to see these children grow up and have different options," Arias said.

For the local students, it is not only a chance to be exposed to the arts, it provides an arena to display and share their own art and vision. The president of the foundation, Sarah Antonson said, "All the different communities have a different view. In Garza, you have the bay. In Nosara, you have the dirt and the roads. In Las Delicias, you have farms. Each of the environments was represented in their artwork [at last year's auction]. To see what inspires the children is really fun."

The Foundation is currently in the process of collecting pieces for this year's auction. With having 20 pieces already in hand, SNF hopes to collect 40 to 50 pieces in total. Antonson explained that, "this year, we are presenting some abstract pieces from the children, we are also hosting some very typical, cultural heritage pieces."

A 4th grader, Jorjany Alfora Díaz, 9, uses grounded  coffee to depict the beach on his painting.  


The invitation to donate artwork for the auction is open to local, international, national artists and private schools in the area. Tom Mosser, a recognized sports muralist from Pennsylvania, United States, donated several pieces for the auction. Additionally, the auction will feature a ceramic piece from Kristen Brousseau.

SNF is eager to support performing arts in Nosara also. This year, two folklore dance groups from the Serapio López Fajardo Elementary School will be performing at the event.

In only its second year, the event is already self-sustaining. Antonson said, "We are able to donate supplies to the schools so that they can create art. In return, they donate some artwork back to us. We auction it off and all of the money that is raised we invest back into the schools by purchasing for them more art supplies, more canvases, brushes, paints, and school supplies. It is [a] really phenomenal project because whatever we make goes right back to them."

In the auction's inaugural year, SNF was able to sell all the donated pieces, and raised more than $4000, all of which went back into the public schools as art supplies. These art supplies have been used to create the pieces featured in this year's auction.


On April 5th, 2011, at Serapio Lopez School of Nosara town, art teacher Rebecca Muñoz assists her students Jorjany Alfora Díaz, 9 and Gerard Javier Jimenez Lorenzana, 11 with the painting that Gerard has been working on. 

Customize Your Surfboard

The Foundation has added a new, interactive element to this year's auction, the Paint Your Surfboard station. Special markers for creating surfboard art will be provided by SNF and all attendees are invited to bring their surfboards. While guests are welcome to use the materials provided to customize their own boards with their own designs, guests will also have the opportunity to watch local tattoo artist, Manuel Castro, apply paint to the boards.

This seasonal art event, which last year hosted more than 100 people, hopes to welcome over 200 guests in its second year. Presale of the tickets has already begun at the Frog Pad and Surfing Nosara office. The presale price is 5,000 colones, and on the day of the event entry will be 6,000 colones. The cover charge will provide the funding for the performance art groups, and for cocktail food and beverages for guests.

The SNF president, Antonson, sends thanks to the community for, "being so supportive of this event and all the other events," that they (SNF) hold. She said, "We believe that the children here are our future and anyway that we can help and inspire them will enrich the future of Nosara."


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