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Playa Guiones hosts the Copa Quiksilver Surf Contest
The third stop on the Circuito Nacional de Surf brings talented surfers and many spectators
By Ryan Gorman

A shot of the contest set up on the beach

The third stop on the National Surf Circuit (Circuito Nacional de Surf de Costa Rica) brought the best surfing talent from all over the country right here to Playa Guiones this past weekend for the Copa Quiksilver Surf Contest. This is a highly anticipated event for all local Nosara surfers, business owners and fans of the sport. Over the last couple of days surfers, sponsors and people from all over Costa Rica gathered to watch the best of the best rip it up in the waist to head high surf.


Saturday morning of April 2nd  brought fun surf with offshore winds for the first few heats, and then the wind turned and made things a bit choppy and mixed up for the rest of the day. However, even in the poor conditions, all the surfers; boys, girls, men and women, were making the best of it and throwing up some high scoring waves. The afternoon conditions improved a little bit, which allowed for a strong finish for the day.

The podium of the Open Mujeres with Yessenia Alfaro and Jessie Carnes taking 3rd and 4th place, respectively

By Sunday April 3, the swell had improved significantly for all of the semi final and finals heats.  For the first couple hours of the contest, it was running in the chest to head high range and was clean with some barreling waves closer to the low tide.  By mid morning, the conditions diminished and made for some messy surf, but by around 2:00pm the size bumped up a bit to the head high plus range on the sets. This made for some very entertaining finals rounds for both the men and women divisions. There were some very ripable waves, which brought some impressive surfing with huge turns, cutbacks and even some aerial maneuvers.

By the end of the day, champions from each division were crowned, and a handful of local Nosarenos made it to the podium at the Hotel Casa Tucan awards ceremony.

Overall, it was a great contest this year, with much more manageable surf conditions compared to last year. It was incredibly entertaining and impressive to see how much surfing talent Costa Rica has, especially the younger, up and coming boys and girls in the grommets, boys/girls and junior divisions. We have a lot to look forward to in the years to come, especially from kids right here in Nosara. The talent level is rising quickly all over the country and putting Costa Rican surfers on the map.

Local competitors bringing home medals:

Kevin Montiel - 4th Place in Grommets division
Selena Moberly - 2nd place in Grommets Mujeres and Junior Mujeres
Christian Santamaria - 1st Place in Longboard
Jay Culbreth - 3rd Place in Longboard
Yessenia Alfaro - 3rd Place in Open Mujeres
Jessie Carnes - 4th Place in Open Mujeres

The Nosara surf team wants to thanks all of the members of our community that sponsored some of the local surfers, allowing them to compete this weekend.


More Surf News

Ostional Surf Tournament
Waves Ridden to Escape the Rain

On Saturday, April 23, 2011, surfers from local beaches such as Samara, Nosara and Guiones flooded in to Ostional to ride the waves at the first surf tournament of Ostional. It was organized by the community to support the Ostional Evangelical Church of God in fixing the roof before the rain season starts. They received a significant support from the local Nosaran surf businesses. More >

Local Surf Team Representing Nosara all across Costa Rica

For years, Nosara's surf talent was never really recognized because not many kids from here competed on the national circuit. However, that is changing thanks to Esteban Lopez and Luigui Montiel, and some very dedicated local parents, like the Moberlys. It is because of their hard work, funding and countless hours of driving that we now have an established Nosara Surf Team. More >

Samara and Carillo safer with Lifeguard Training

Fourteen people from Samara and Carillo received lifeguard training during the week of March 14, making the beaches a little safer for swimmers and surfers. More >

April Surf Forecast

Typically, April's surf averages out in the chest to head high range. There will be just a few days of smaller surf, and at the other end of the spectrum, a handful of overhead to double overhead days. We could also see a few days with the winds switching onshore earlier than normal, and maybe even a little bit of choppy surf if it decides to rain. If that occurs it will most likely be towards the end of the month. Otherwise, we can continue to expect bigger swells coming from a little more southerly direction giving us some epic Guiones days, as well as good surf for the rest of the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

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