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Underfunded but Undeterred— Meet Nosara’s Firefighters

By Adam Dietrich

A firefighter from Nicoya sprays down hot spots at Tuanis Furniture Manufacturer in Nosara.

When flames sprang up at the Nosara dump last month, it had all the potential to be a catastrophic fire.  Layers of garbage, dried out by months without rain, sparked quickly in the midday sun on March 11. Compounding the issue were the combustible gases, methane and others, which had been created by decomposing material and trapped by more garbage. 

But Nosara’s firefighters, a force made up of 14 local volunteers, were on hand to battle the flames. The fire that day burnt strong for more than 14 hours, destroying almost a third of the whole dump. However, the fire didn’t spread into the nearby jungle because the firefighters were able to build a fire line around it and keep it from spreading, thus preventing disaster.

The firefighters from Nicoya, who service this area, arrived some 12 hours after the fire had been called in, by which point the Nosara volunteer firefighters had largely contained the fire.

The dilemma they faced that night and continue to face now is a severe lack of funding and basic supplies. Marcel Schaerer, the founder of the Nosara firefighters and president of the Nosara Civic Association (NCA), is working on developing an infrastructure to support the firefighters. This year, he helped to set up a fund of $4,000 to pay for disaster preparedness, which includes fire as well as a tsunami warning system. They also have two fundraising events coming up. 

The Nosara Firefighters were founded in November 2009 . At that time, Schaerer organized a donation of firefighting equipment from a former client of his in Switzerland and then in December circulated volunteer forms looking for firefighters. He says the focus first and foremost was to get reliable people who would go and put fires out and then build the infrastructure to support them.

“The best firefighter is the quick one,” commented Marcel.

By the start of summer in 2011, the firefighters were well-known in the community. This presented a dilemma, as they began receiving a higher volume of calls. Many of the firefighters think this may be due to a misconception in the community that they are professionals or that this is their job. In reality, in addition to fighting fires, the volunteers have full-time jobs and families. The problem that results is burnout.

Facing the lack of funds and supplies, some of the firefighters are getting creative. Most of the firefighters bring their own gear to fires. It’s not uncommon to see someone in a bandana and ski goggles battling a blaze with a garden hose. Jo Pinheiro, the second captain, even modified his pickup truck to carry a 1,000 liter tank, a pump, several hoses and other supplies like picks, shovels and axes. 

In terms of donations the firefighters would welcome anything: money, supplies, safety gear or even a used fire truck if one could be found.  Volunteer Kyle Bombard says the lack of safety gear is a chief issue. “At the dump there was burning plastic and silicone and who knows what else. We really need something to breathe through and cover our face and eyes,” he says.

There is another way to help the firefighters: exercise caution with fires, especially in the dry season. For example, make sure a campfire is completely doused before leaving it. 

Volunteer firefighter Andrew Saxon estimates that 90% of the calls they receive are due to fires that are started on purpose but then spread because the person didn’t have supplies to keep the fire under control. 

Captain of the firefighters Ryan Bombard says that people need to take responsibility for their trash and field fires and keep them under control, or at least call the Nosara firefighters in advance so they can be on call.

A strong firefighting service is a vital part of a community. Along with the police and the paramedics, they form part of a tripod that supports community stability. For the firefighting association to remain viable, however, the Nosara community will have to step up and find ways to better fund the volunteers, for their safety and ultimately for everyone’s safety.

Nosara volunteer firefighters Kyle Bombard (left) and Brian Bombard were
able to control the huge blaze at Tuanis quickly using water from The Village's

Nicoya's Firefighters Cover a
Large Territory

Nicoya has had a professional fire station for 50 years now. It is made up of six full-time firefighters and 11 volunteers. Right now they attend calls in all of the canton of Nicoya, as well as the cantons of Hojancha, Nandayure and as far as Jicaral. But it takes longer for the Nicoya firefighters to reach Nosara due to the bad roads, with an estimated travel time of an hour and a half although the distance is only about 60 kilometers.

The Nicoya firefighters deal with about 460 to 480 calls a year, of which about 15 are in Nosara area and 15 to 20 in Samara. However, the majority of their work is done in and around Nicoya, according to station sub-chief Jhonny Garcia Enriquez. He estimated that during the summer they handle 60 to 70 calls a month, especially brush fires and bee swarms.

According to Garcia, when they get to a fire in Nosara, the Nosara volunteers are often already at work there.

By the time the firefighters arrived from Nicoya, the Nosara volunteers had
it 80% controlled.
Nosara firefighters, working by headlamp and truck headlights, inspect a hose
during a fire at the Nosara dump.

Samara Hopes to Have Volunteer
Firefighters in a Few Years

When a canon at the recent Samara fiestas in Cangrejal set a huge swath of grassland on fire, the town was lucky that firefighters from Nicoya were already in the area responding to a different call. Otherwise it takes Nicoya firefighters about half an hour to reach Samara.

Currently the community of Samara doesn't have firefighters. Their only option in the event of an emergency is to call Nicoya, which is approximately 35 kilometers from Nicoya.

Marco Carmona, the president of the Samara chamber of tourism, recognized the desire to have volunteer firefighters in Samara in the future. However the Chamber's immediate goal is to get a Red Cross station, a process that could take a while, according to Carmona. Until then, they will have to rely on Nicoya's firefighters.

Full Name:
Ryan Bombard

Place of permanent residency:
Live in Nosara originally from Santa Catalina, California

Fisher with Harbor Reef Hotel

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
I was tired of watching people stand by. I feel if someone stands by, watches and has the power do something but they don’t, then they are the problem, I don’t want to be that person

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
I think there are two challenges we face, the first is financial and the second is acceptance, with the community, the police and Nicoya firefighters. We can overcome this through benefits and donations of money and equipment and building a reputation. At some point people need to be responsible for their trash fires and finca fires, they can give heads up the fire department if they want, just to let us know.

Full Name:
Remo Britschgi

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, originally from Switzerland

Hotelier Casa Romantica

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
Helping the community, there was a need for that. In Switzerland I was with, not the firefighters, but civil protection, which was fires, natural disasters, mud slides things like that.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
It’s hard to do such a good job with such little equipment. It starts with the basic equipment: I bring my own shovel and machete, we need to be mobile and we need to be able to bring the water to the problem, we can use pools like at Tuanis but the dump fire we brought water. We could use funds from anyone and anywhere, we have plans, like a truck. The problem is that we have our jobs then fire fighting we don’t have time to fundraise.

Full Name:
Kyle Bombard

Place of permanent residency:
Live in Nosara originally from Santa Catalina, California

Co-owns Harbor Reef Hotel

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
Small community living life - Catalina had a volunteer fire department and we (Bombard brothers) felt Nosara should be the same. Before there was a fire dept we would help out regardless, Ryan jumped on it, we’d just go an put out fires.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
Volume and supplies, yes it’s tiring because it’s not our main job, more than anything it’s supplies. Safety equipment. When we had a fire at the dump none of us had proper ventilators. We could really use: protective eyewear and breathing equipment, machetes and a truck. Also the community should be conscious we’re here to help but we need their help.


Full Name:
Jo Pinheiro

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, originally from France and the US

Property manager and owner at Mango Property Management

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
I remember one day there was a fire at ‘Delcias del Mundo’ and Marcel called at 1:30 in the morning and asked to help put out a fire because there was no Nosara firefighters. There was no organization, so I decided to help. I had no previous experience but I wanted to do it and I enjoy it too.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
Money, or a truck. If someone comes up with a truck we’ll be great, because then we won’t need money. But because we don’t have a truck at least a good $20000

Full Name:
Andrew Saxton

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, Originally from Gainesville, Flordia

Sales and project management at Surfing Nosara

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
Because the guys who started it asked me to and I knew they needed somebody to do it and I knew they needed some younger guys

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
Lack of equipment, safety equipment especially, I was 12 hours at the dump without a mask. We have 70 t-shirts available here (Surfing Nosara) for $20, that’ll get us started but also donations would be great. 90% of the calls we were got started on purpose, the person didn’t have supplies. People need to realize that we have other jobs and the cost of actually doing this falls on us.

Full Name:
Brian Bombard

Place of permanent residency:
Live in Nosara originally from Santa Catalina, California

Co-owner at Reef Realty

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
I have a lot of experience in shipboard firefighting and a fair amount of land based fire fighting. And it seemed like there weren’t a lot of people doing it. We, my brothers and I, grew up doing it (Fighting fires).

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
Lack of safety of equipment, community awareness and funding, here we don’t pay taxes like we do in the states.  


Full Name:
Exequiel Merlos

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, originally from Nicaragua

Dog trainer and Tour Guide at Miss Sky

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
I want to help people and we have a really nice town and I will do what I can to protect it.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
We have use our own cars, our own bikes, I’ve been doing this for a few months and I don’t even have equipment.  We could use a truck to be right there, and anytime we need to use it it’s right there

Full Name:
Oscar Ruiz

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, originally from Santa Teresa

Works for Mango Villa property management

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
Before this I hadn’t done much community work. But this was a chance to give back to the community it presented an opportunity to do something.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
When there is a fire it is difficult to help people with the limited supplies we have, sometimes. Money for equipment would help a lot.

Full Name:
Curt Von Schilgen

Place of permanent residency:
Nosara, Costa Rica

Bar tender at La Luna

Reason for volunteering with the Nosara firefighters:
I have my residency and live here and I wanted to give something back. I am an EMT in the US, took firefighting at community college in San Diego so I had the basic knowledge.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge faced by the Nosara firefighters and what is needed to overcome that?
Need equipment, flash covers and any equipment that can be donated by fire departments. Building awareness in the community about bonfires and trash fire, people need to be aware when there are winds in the dry season. Making sure that we're working well with Red Cross and Nicoya firefighters
Creating awareness in the community, there's a lot of firefighters from Canada and the US that might help us, as well as, promotional shows and we have t-shirts for sale.

Creating awareness in the community, there’s a lot of firefighters from Canada and the US that might help us, as well as, promotional shows and we have t-shirts for sale.


More Regional News

Nicoya's Municipality Demands Pedregal for Tax Payment, the Company Denies any Debt
• Company claims it has no pending financial obligations with the Municipality, nor is it responsible for polluting.
• MINAET received complaint of environmental pollution.

Nicoya's Municipality is looking to collect over 261 million colones, which it claims the company Pedregal owes for the exploitation of material from the quarry, La Calera. In addition, it filed a complaint to MINAET for environmental pollution.

Hospital CIMA Prepares Opening in Guanacaste

The private hospital CIMA is getting ready to open is doors in a few weeks in what will be its second hospital in Costa Rica. The new hospital is located in Liberia, joining the San José (Escazú) hospital that has been operating for the last 12 years.

OIJ Didn’t Find Evidence of Accelerants in Tuanis Furniture Manufacturer

The Judicial Police (Organismo de Investigación Judicial OIJ) of Nicoya told VON that the fire in the Tuanis furniture manufacturer might not have been intentional as was believed at first.

Foreigners To Be Required Provide Cedula To Open Bank Account
• Measure replacing only requirement of a passport starts July 1

Foreign residents and those credited with a special category in Costa Rica will be required to provide their cédula de residencia (residence identity card) to open a bank account, starting from Jul 1.

Car Fire on Route 160 Near Guiones

An older model Volkswagen van went up in flames Thursday May 17 afternoon on route 160 near the Yoga Institute.

Carrillo Beach Chamber of Tourism Prepares to Disband

There will be no Ecological Blue Flag for Carrillo next year. The Carrillo Chamber of Tourism didn’t register to participate in the program again, knowing they would be suspending the Chamber.

Nosara Emergency Services Jointly Certified in Vertical Rescue

Volunteers from Nosara’s Red Cross and Nosara Firefighting Association were certified in vertical rescue during a training course that started this past Saturday may 12. Three firefighters and ten Red Cross volunteers took part in the weekend long certification course, which included a theory exam on paper and two days of practice, concluding on May 13.

Costa Rica Post Office To Provide Foreigner ID Cards Starting June

Stating next year, the Correos de Costa Rica (post office) will be processing passports for the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería (immigration service). The change was announced on Monday by the ministro de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública, Mario Zamora and the director of Migración y Extranjería, Kattia Rodríguez.

There Could Be A Gas Shortage Starting Tuesday

The continuing conflict between Costa Rica's transporters of fuel and the Ministerio del Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (MINAET) could result in parked trucks and causing a fuel shortage starting Tuesday May 15.

Despite Recent Shutdown, Construction Resumes on Samara’s High School

On Monday, May 7th, the director of Samara’s rural high school in El Torito received a letter from the mayor of the Municipality of Nicoya giving permission to continue with the construction of new classrooms. The director, Maria Benita Gomez Moreno, said she was very content that the project is again underway after it had been shut down by the municipality on April 30th. 

New "Basic Food Basket" Take Effect Monday

Starting Monday, May 7, many consumers will get a whopping surprise at the supermarket checkout when some 90 products will begin to be taxed. Sausages, bread, meat, fruit and milk are some of the foods that consumers come Monday will have to the 13% sales tax on.

Cangrejal ASADA Inaugurates New Pump

With raffles, chicharron and music, about 55 people celebrated the inauguration of a new water pump for the Cangrejal area in Samara on Sunday, April 29th. Miguel Gomez, president of the ASADA, explained that the former well (1991) that provided water to Cangrejal had been made very quickly and the gravel was not done well, so sediments appeared in the water.  

Liberation Political Party Secured Control of the Nicoya City Council

The Nicoya City Council elected counselor Lisette Ana Espinoza, of PLN, as its new President. Because of that, the Council changed control from the former President, Juan Luis Aguirre Vidaurre of the Libertarian Movement (ML), to the National Liberation Party, the same political party as the Mayor, Marcos Jimenez, and the Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla.

Businesses Start to Comply with New Tobacco Control Law

The General Law of Tobacco Control was passed in March, and although it is in effect, it still hasn't been implemented because the Ministry of Health still has not published the regulations of this law and it is still not clear who will ensure compliance with the regulations.

Neighbor Presents Appeal Against Land Purchase for New Cemetery

The motion of the Municipal Council to buy a property where a new cemetery can be built in Nicoya has met with opposition from the Controller General of the Republic and the neighbors of Las Brisas del Cerro, the neighborhood where the Municipal Council intends to buy the land.

Evidence Surfaces of Illegal Shrimping with Pesticides
• Dead Shrimp Found in the River by Nosara Fisher

Shrimping in the Rio Nosara is a fairly lucrative business, and for many it's part of a way of life. However, there is a dark underbelly.

Blue Flags Are Flying High All Along the Coast

This year, seven beaches along the coast of the canton of Nicoya earned the prestigious Blue Flag. These include Carrillo, Samara, South Samara, Buena Vista, Guiones, Peladas and Ostional. While most of the area beaches were awarded one star, Guiones surpassed the standards and was awarded two stars. 

Samara-Carrillo Coastal Regulatory Plan in Advanced Stage
• Municipality Affirms that Concessions Can Be Granted Again

In addition to the urban regulatory plan proposal for the Canton of Nicoya, which is currently being revised, an integral regulatory plan is in the works that focuses on the coastal area of Samara and Carrillo. This project is now in advanced stages, according to Rodolfo Lizano, Leader of Macroprocess Planning and Development for ICT.

Nicoya Hospital Will Have Less Money

The Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos (College of Doctors and Surgeons) is worried because this year the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS – Costa Rican Social Security) has reduced budgets to 20 of the country's hospitals, clinics and health centers by 15 billion colones ($30 million), including La Anexion Hospital in Nicoya.

Transition into 2012's Rainy Season Should Be Gradual

Although the intermittent rains of the transition period are here, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN-National Meteorological Institute) is predicting that the steady rains that mark the official beginning of rainy season, also referred to locally as "winter," will begin late this year and will be less rainy than normal.

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