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Neighbor Presents Appeal Against Land Purchase for New Cemetery

By Wilberth Villalobos Castrillo

The motion of the Municipal Council to buy a property where a new cemetery can be built in Nicoya has met with opposition from the Controller General of the Republic and the neighbors of Las Brisas del Cerro, the neighborhood where the Municipal Council intends to buy the land.

Since last year, the municipality has received two orders of technical closure from the Ministry of Health because the current cemetery does not meet the minimum requirements such as the necessary distance between graves.

Anomalies During the Process
As shown in municipal minutes, since 2009 the Municipal Council has made motions to acquire a property to build a new cemetery. However the Controller General of the Republic in on February 15, 2011 ordered these procedures to be filed away due to lack of documentation and the absence of technical and environmental studies.


453 Million Colones ($906,000) Requested for the Project

Pro-Cemetery requested a credit of 453 million colones from Banco Popular, which is 103 million ($206,000) more than what was agreed upon in August last year.

The money will be divided in the following manner:
250 million ($500,000) cost of the land
100 million ($200,000) technical closure
103 million ($206,000) process of mass declaration of IBI (real estate tax)

A report presented this January by engineer Randall Guillen, coordinator of services and maintenance for the municipality, highlighted that acquisition of the land is technically "not feasible, since the information and the [environmental] studies performed are not convincing."

In spite of this, during the ordinary session held on January 25, 2012, the current Municipal Council unanimously approved the report of the Pro-Cemetery Commission of Nicoya to continue advancing on the purchase of the land.

In addition, Guillen, in his report, indicated that the Municipal Council should initiate the procedure of public tendering, thus complying with article 157 of the Regulation for the Administrative Contracting Law.

Santos Juarez, president of the Pro-Cemetery Commission of Nicoya, assured that "a public tendering cannot be conducted because in this case dealing with a lot, no one wants to take part to sell their property because they have to incur heavy expenses to take part." Some of the expenses include the land use certification and the sanitary endorsement of the construction plans.

Another obstacle to conducting a public tendering, explained Juarez, was the lack of time since "the technical closure of the current cemetery and beginning construction of the new one is urgent. It's for this motive that the motion was made for a direct contract," he assured.

For his part, the municipal mayor Marcos Jimenez commented that both the Council as well as the Pro-Cemetery Commission should handle the theme with caution and that he is awaiting approval from the anthropological aptitude studies, which indicate if the land has any archeological sites.

Neighbors Worried
The property that the Municipality intends to buy is registered in the name of Mario Rojas Huertas. It is located in the Las Brisas del Cerro settlement in Nicoya and covers an area of three hectares.

Noldan Piñar, representative of the neighbors from Las Brisas del Cerro, explained that they are opposed to the purchase of the lot because it doesn't have any technical study that guarantees the aptitude and quality of land for construction. "In winter (rainy) season in this property, great torrents of water run down from the La Cruz Hill. It all pools and the water doesn't drain," he described.

In February this year, Piñar presented a revocation appeal before the Municipal Council and the Administrative and Civil Finance Contention Court against the agreement of the Council to continue with the purchase.

The appeal requests that the Municipal Council annul the agreement, that Mario Rojas present the environmental technical requirements and that the municipality submit the land purchase to public tendering.

Piñar fears that the same thing will happen with the land purchase process where the new municipal garbage dump was supposed to be built: "The lot was bought without any type of studies and we still don't have a garbage dump because the land didn't serve the purpose. Millions that belong to the Nicoyans were spent for nothing," he manifested.


More Regional News

Nicoya's Municipality Demands Pedregal for Tax Payment, the Company Denies any Debt
• Company claims it has no pending financial obligations with the Municipality, nor is it responsible for polluting.
• MINAET received complaint of environmental pollution.

Nicoya's Municipality is looking to collect over 261 million colones, which it claims the company Pedregal owes for the exploitation of material from the quarry, La Calera. In addition, it filed a complaint to MINAET for environmental pollution.

Hospital CIMA Prepares Opening in Guanacaste

The private hospital CIMA is getting ready to open is doors in a few weeks in what will be its second hospital in Costa Rica. The new hospital is located in Liberia, joining the San José (Escazú) hospital that has been operating for the last 12 years.

OIJ Didn’t Find Evidence of Accelerants in Tuanis Furniture Manufacturer

The Judicial Police (Organismo de Investigación Judicial OIJ) of Nicoya told VON that the fire in the Tuanis furniture manufacturer might not have been intentional as was believed at first.

Foreigners To Be Required Provide Cedula To Open Bank Account
• Measure replacing only requirement of a passport starts July 1

Foreign residents and those credited with a special category in Costa Rica will be required to provide their cédula de residencia (residence identity card) to open a bank account, starting from Jul 1.

Car Fire on Route 160 Near Guiones

An older model Volkswagen van went up in flames Thursday May 17 afternoon on route 160 near the Yoga Institute.

Carrillo Beach Chamber of Tourism Prepares to Disband

There will be no Ecological Blue Flag for Carrillo next year. The Carrillo Chamber of Tourism didn’t register to participate in the program again, knowing they would be suspending the Chamber.

Nosara Emergency Services Jointly Certified in Vertical Rescue

Volunteers from Nosara’s Red Cross and Nosara Firefighting Association were certified in vertical rescue during a training course that started this past Saturday may 12. Three firefighters and ten Red Cross volunteers took part in the weekend long certification course, which included a theory exam on paper and two days of practice, concluding on May 13.

Costa Rica Post Office To Provide Foreigner ID Cards Starting June

Stating next year, the Correos de Costa Rica (post office) will be processing passports for the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería (immigration service). The change was announced on Monday by the ministro de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública, Mario Zamora and the director of Migración y Extranjería, Kattia Rodríguez.

There Could Be A Gas Shortage Starting Tuesday

The continuing conflict between Costa Rica's transporters of fuel and the Ministerio del Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones (MINAET) could result in parked trucks and causing a fuel shortage starting Tuesday May 15.

Despite Recent Shutdown, Construction Resumes on Samara’s High School

On Monday, May 7th, the director of Samara’s rural high school in El Torito received a letter from the mayor of the Municipality of Nicoya giving permission to continue with the construction of new classrooms. The director, Maria Benita Gomez Moreno, said she was very content that the project is again underway after it had been shut down by the municipality on April 30th. 

New "Basic Food Basket" Take Effect Monday

Starting Monday, May 7, many consumers will get a whopping surprise at the supermarket checkout when some 90 products will begin to be taxed. Sausages, bread, meat, fruit and milk are some of the foods that consumers come Monday will have to the 13% sales tax on.

Cangrejal ASADA Inaugurates New Pump

With raffles, chicharron and music, about 55 people celebrated the inauguration of a new water pump for the Cangrejal area in Samara on Sunday, April 29th. Miguel Gomez, president of the ASADA, explained that the former well (1991) that provided water to Cangrejal had been made very quickly and the gravel was not done well, so sediments appeared in the water.  

Liberation Political Party Secured Control of the Nicoya City Council

The Nicoya City Council elected counselor Lisette Ana Espinoza, of PLN, as its new President. Because of that, the Council changed control from the former President, Juan Luis Aguirre Vidaurre of the Libertarian Movement (ML), to the National Liberation Party, the same political party as the Mayor, Marcos Jimenez, and the Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla.

Underfunded but Undeterred— Meet Nosara’s Firefighters

When flames sprang up at the Nosara dump last month, it had all the potential to be a catastrophic fire.  Layers of garbage, dried out by months without rain, sparked quickly in the midday sun on March 11. Compounding the issue were the combustible gases, methane and others, which had been created by decomposing material and trapped by more garbage.

Businesses Start to Comply with New Tobacco Control Law

The General Law of Tobacco Control was passed in March, and although it is in effect, it still hasn't been implemented because the Ministry of Health still has not published the regulations of this law and it is still not clear who will ensure compliance with the regulations.

Evidence Surfaces of Illegal Shrimping with Pesticides
• Dead Shrimp Found in the River by Nosara Fisher

Shrimping in the Rio Nosara is a fairly lucrative business, and for many it's part of a way of life. However, there is a dark underbelly.

Blue Flags Are Flying High All Along the Coast

This year, seven beaches along the coast of the canton of Nicoya earned the prestigious Blue Flag. These include Carrillo, Samara, South Samara, Buena Vista, Guiones, Peladas and Ostional. While most of the area beaches were awarded one star, Guiones surpassed the standards and was awarded two stars. 

Samara-Carrillo Coastal Regulatory Plan in Advanced Stage
• Municipality Affirms that Concessions Can Be Granted Again

In addition to the urban regulatory plan proposal for the Canton of Nicoya, which is currently being revised, an integral regulatory plan is in the works that focuses on the coastal area of Samara and Carrillo. This project is now in advanced stages, according to Rodolfo Lizano, Leader of Macroprocess Planning and Development for ICT.

Nicoya Hospital Will Have Less Money

The Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos (College of Doctors and Surgeons) is worried because this year the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS – Costa Rican Social Security) has reduced budgets to 20 of the country's hospitals, clinics and health centers by 15 billion colones ($30 million), including La Anexion Hospital in Nicoya.

Transition into 2012's Rainy Season Should Be Gradual

Although the intermittent rains of the transition period are here, the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN-National Meteorological Institute) is predicting that the steady rains that mark the official beginning of rainy season, also referred to locally as "winter," will begin late this year and will be less rainy than normal.

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