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New Horizons for Ballerinas of Guanacaste

By Pinar Istek

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Five-year-old Alana Peuker Neukirch hurried out of their rehearsal space to greet her instructor, Patricia Vargas Gonzales, in anticipation of her weekly ballet class on Sunday morning, May 15, at Carrillo Beach. Excited and ready to dance, Alana in her pink tutu gave a quick hug to Gonzales and ran back inside.

While she was preparing to put Alana's hair in a bun, Gonzales commented that even the hairstyle of a ballet dancer is part of the discipline.

About half an hour later, two more 5-year-old girls, Luvenia Causey and Caterina Beccaria, came in. With a motherly patience and devotion, Gonzales prepared Caterina's hair, too.

Patricia Vargas Gonzales, who has been dancing since she was 5, is an acclaimed ballet instructor from the Royal Academy of Dance. She has been teaching ballet over 30 years. Throughout her career, Gonzales also danced in independent dance companies and was also the director of Grupo CURIME, a group formed by Nago de Nicoya to promote the folklore of Costa Rica in the world.

According to Royal Academy, "ballet helps one develop life skills, by fostering trust, self-esteem, expression, communication and auto-motivation. It improves posture and physical strength, develops coordination and appreciation of music, provides new and exciting challenges and opportunities to meet new people with different ways of thinking and similar taste."

Gonzales has three schools in Guanacaste, located in Palmira de Carrillo, Nicoya and Carrillo Beach. None of them has a name yet. Gonzales said she has more important things to worry about with her students than the name of the school at this point.

On May 15, Gonzales had three 5-year-old girls in her class. Taking the advantage of close distances between these towns, students can attend any class that is convenient for them.

Even though all three of the girls find it difficult to dance ballet, they all commented that they love dancing. While running is Luvenia's favorite, improvisation and dancing with Caterina are Alana's favorites.

Gonzales prepares to put Caterina Beccaria's hair in a bun before the class starts.
On May 15, 2011, Alana Peuker Neukirch, 5, poses in front of their rehearsal
space after the weekly ballet class with Patricia Vargas Gonzales.

Patricia Vargas Gonzales can be contacted at 2230 3548 or 2656 0085.


More Entertainment News

Cañas Seniors Visit Nosara
Fifteen Again

On Friday, June 17, Nosara's David Kitson Library Senior Club hosted a group of sixty seniors from Cañas. More than eighty people in all enjoyed a day of activities that included a morning dance–exercise, a walk at Pelada Beach, lunch, games and a dance show at Rancho Tico.

D Ray Brings California Sounds Back to Nosara

Singer-guitarist Danny Ray (D Ray) has returned to the Nosara music scene, where he has been a regular since 2006, and you can catch him Saturday night at Marlin Bill’s restaurant. The smooth voiced D Ray mixes the flavor of classic folk and country rock with a blues and early surf rock that shaped his formative years from his perch in Southern California. 

Two Days, 40 Bikinis: The Annual Bikini Show of Nosara

On Friday, June 10th 2011, Honali Beachhouse hosted the annual bikini show of Nosara. It featured 40 pieces from the local bikini designer, Desi Morffe. The event, that more than 150 guests attended, started at 7:00 p.m. The same venue also held an after party. (with video)

Intercultura Samara School book fair and film festival
"The Crazyness of Life" In Between Book Pages and Movies Screens

From Monday, July 4, to Friday, July 8, Intercultura in Samara will be hosting free movies each night at 7 p.m. The theme of the fair is La Locura de Vivir (the Craziness of Life).

Stuff To Do Besides Surfing and Yoga

If you are a surfer or a yoga practitioner, Guanacaste, especially Nosara, is a good destination for you to visit. In fact, for an outsider, Nosara and surrounding areas might even look like it is all about nothing but those two activities. Surely, there are other things to do such as zip lining, stand up paddling, horseback riding or kayaking.

Juan Rafael "Chanel" Mora, Farmer and Millonaire
"Don't give your efforts working for another person"

Juan Rafael Mora Madrigal, known as Chanel (as in the perfume, Chanel No. 5), is 81 years old. Still he leaves his house at 6 a.m. to work on his twenty-seven fincas. He says he wishes night would never come so he could keep right on working outside. Although he had very little education, he has made his millions, raised 10 sons and two daughters, been married 64 years to the same woman and still enjoys good health.

June Astrology Report

When Mercury enters Gemini on the 3rd, our thoughts quicken and we become surrounded by a multitude of options and variables. Take a moment to listen to your deepest truths before jumping headfirst. Get distracted by the sights and sounds; spend time appreciating this colorful world. Flirt a little, allowing curiosity to lead you towards new discoveries and opportunities for growth.

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