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Time To Be Chill
An Interview with Actor and Film director Liev Schreiber

By Spencer Klein
Courtesy of Experience Nosara

Liev appeared in Nosara town as if he were already part of the annual tribe of regulars. Forget the big budget movies, the parts opposite Angelina Jolie, or any other element of a film career that has risen impressively in the last decade -- seeing him stroll through town toward the surf contest, you might have thought he was just another man in the Nosara mix. And apparently, as he makes clear below, he was exactly that and nothing more. If every other man comes to Nosara for his share of waves, a healthy bit of yoga, and some time to unwind, why can't he?


Here's what Liev Schreiber, whose most popular films include Wolverine, and the Scream Trilogy, has to say about the local surf, regaining focus in the jungle, and creative expression as a means of staying connected to the larger world.

Voice Of Nosara What was it that brought you here?
Liev Schreiber A friend of a friend recommended it. Really I just wanted to go some place where I wouldn't get recognized. (Laughs)

VON That seemed to work.
LS Yeah, when I told my friend that, he said this was the place. (Laughs) No, no, I'm just kidding. I had just kind of told him that I was trying to learn to surf, and I wanted to do some yoga, and have some time to meditate, and just be chill. And he said there's this beautiful place in Costa Rica called Nosara, and you should check it out. I looked into it and found this spot.

VON You're traveling solo right? That's always a good way to get away from it all.
LS Yeah, it's important. I have to go off by myself and just regroup. It helps me stay focused. I think mentally and physically sometimes you can get worn down. Part of coming down here was finding some time to meditate, and I think that's what it's about for me — regrouping mentally and physically, especially in a nice place like this.

VON You've been trying to learn how to surf.
LS Yeah, exactly. I've been trying to learn how to surf. There are just tons of waves. It's a little big for me still, but I'm adapting. (Laughs) It's just hard with those longboards out there – it's hard to get out through the waves. And then lining them up is...uh, trickier than I expected. But I'm enjoying the process.

VON Speaking of the process, are you any kind of creative mission right now? Or did you leave it all behind?
LS For me, the periods of time when I go away on my own I really try to regroup and refocus on why I want to work in the first place.

Photo credit: Hanzel Ruiz from Surfing Nosara

VON Having found a good bit of success, what keeps your drive alive at this point?
LS Well. That's sort of what I'm here working on. I think the short answer is that it's my job. It's what I do for a living. The more complicated answer is that it's my way of staying connected to the world in general. It's a way of expressing yourself. And I think also just to share things — ideas and feelings that people can connect to, and that can make you feel more connected, and less alone.

VON Do you have any specific projects that you felt represented you, or your vision of the world more than others?
LS I try not to be selective. It's like picking favorite children. They are all aspects of your life, and your character. But thinking back, I suppose I had a great time doing Wolverine. I guess that's the one that people recognize me from most. I kind of had a lot of fun doing the stunts and doing the physical work to get ready for that. You know — playing a giant, burly jungle cat — it's fun. (Laughs) But again, all of them are aspects of my life. Acting can also be frustrating because it's so specifically you. It's about your physicalities, it's about all those things that when you get older you don't want to think about any more.

VON So have you enjoyed Nosara? Have you liked town in general?
LS I haven't been to Nosara. I haven't really been anywhere. Except to the beach, the surf contest...yoga class...I went paddling with you down at the rivermouth, and I went with these great guys on a canopy tour. Just came back from that today. I kind of drove by town, but I haven't really been in it. I haven't seen town yet... as tempted as I've been to check out the Tropi....

VON From what you have had a chance to see, is this the kind of spot you would come back to?
LS Absolutely.


VON Even though people do recognize you and you have to do interviews?
LS I don't mind. That happens everywhere. I was just teasing. Being recognized for what you do is great.

VON Any last parting shot for Nosara? Any words of wisdom to leave behind?
LS This is an amazing town. I don't really know how you would keep it from growing. (Laughs) As the world gets smaller, places like this become fewer and farther in between. I guess more than anything I hope it continues to grow in a nice way because there's not too many spots like it.


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