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Paul Da Costa: Much More Than A DJ, An Artist On A Journey

By Pinar Istek

On Thursday nights, if you want to talk to him, it is likely that you would find a line in front of the DJ booth. He is "the only black guy" at Guiones Beach as he addresses himself, unless there is a visiting person in town.

He rocks Nosara nights at Bar La Banana with different kinds of beats from all over the world. Paul DaCosta, the most reputable DJ of Guiones, is an artist with multiple ways to express his creativity.


"It almost seems as if we are so much closer to the heavens here (in Guiones and Pelada Beaches) and when I saw the stars here for the first time I was lost entirely in the blissful void and vowed not to leave until I had fully taken on board the lesson I was here to learn," said Paul Da Costa, musician, filmmaker, designer, photographer, video editor and painter.

Born in London to Jamaican parents, Paul Da Costa, 51, holds a degree from Central Saint Martins College of Arts in London, some of which alums are fashion designer John Galliano, art critic John Berger, photographer Platon and actor Pierce Brosnan.

After living in Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and United Kingdom, he decided to start a long lasting journey to connect with his extended family in Jamaica, Cuba and the USA. The idea of extended travel came up after the devastating loss of his father, Oswald Lloyd Robinson. Da Costa said, "I became quite depressed and that affected my world-view and made me reassess the life I was leading. I grew tired of all the machinations that one needs to endure to get a slice of the 'pie' and wanted to seek out my own people, trace the path of my ancestors, find out who I am in my blood."


Upon arrival in Costa Rica, his plans changed. He said, "when I got to Costa Rica I found out that my Great Great Grandfather (Adrian Aaron DaCosta) was born here in 1872. So I wanted to find out more about him and whether there are any more family connections here in CR." Also, "I fell in love with Playa Pelada & Guiones as soon as I stepped out onto the beach and looked out at the ocean," he said.

  Music Career
DaCosta's music career is not limited to La Banana disco. He said, "I started my career in the early '90s in Soho, London, as an art director, designer, and video editor and had my own company called 'Spidercom Films' and did that for quite a few years before I decided that making music promos ad infinitum was not really my thing."

After fleeing from this more commercial field of work, DaCosta worked with a band named Essen, along with countless collaborations with other performance artists, musicians and artists. A couple of years with Essen were followed by a sabbatical, which gave him enough time to work on short films, music for ballet dancers and performance artists and his personal project, Mystery Science Orchestra (MSO). "Eventually I rejoined Darren Moss (his partner in 'Essen') and co-wrote some tunes for well known artist 'Ian Brown' (Stone Roses). namely NO ID, Kiss Your Lips & and Ablaze which was used as the lead single on Ian brown's 'Greatest Hit' LP That went into the top twenty and cemented my reputation in the industry as a likely commercial prospect," he added.

Paul DaCosta's Art
DaCosta defines his art as a "symbolic art." "I can lose myself in the process and that gives me meditational time. The simple process of pen to a paper, brush to a canvas, trying to articulate something with three-dimensional mechanisms of arms and the fingers is deeply pleasurable to me," he said. "I am painting my dream states, the places where I visit, when I travel in my mind. It calms me down, helps me access the invisible world. And I don't even make any determination about whether such a thing exists or not."


DaCosta is still living his continuous journey towards his roots and family heritage. With no plans to go back to United Kingdom anytime soon and with lots of energy to explore more, he is in the process. "I still want to play in a band. I still want to make paintings, travel and have different experiences. I am just a guy, just a facility for expressing myself in various ways. And that's it. I am just living like everyone else is living," he said.


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On Saturday, July 9th, a street party organized by Pauline Streenkamer, an interior designer and the owner of the furniture store Simple Elegance, brought the residents and visitors of Nosara together at Streenkamer’s store.

Craft Beer Comes to Costa Rica

What does beer mean for you? Social lubricant? Something to cool off with on those hot afternoons? Or is it a passion like it is for CS and Stefano from the Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company (CRCB). Christopher Scott Derrick (CS), of Florida, USA, is the master brewer of the fairly new outfit, while Costa Rican Stefano Marín is the assistant brewer at CRCB.

Time To Be Chill
An Interview with actor y film director Liev Schreiber

Liev appeared in Nosara town as if he were already part of the annual tribe of regulars. Forget the big budget movies, the parts opposite Angelina Jolie, or any other element of a film career that has risen impressively in the last decade -- seeing him stroll through town toward the surf contest, you might have thought he was just another man in the Nosara mix.

Cañas Seniors Visit Nosara
Fifteen Again

On Friday, June 17, Nosara's David Kitson Library Senior Club hosted a group of sixty seniors from Cañas. More than eighty people in all enjoyed a day of activities that included a morning dance–exercise, a walk at Pelada Beach, lunch, games and a dance show at Rancho Tico.

July Astrology Report

As July begins there is a new moon eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Emotions come to a head and we focus on putting your true feelings into action. Seek out opportunities for positivity and growth in relationships.

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