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Guiones Surf Tournament and Final CNS contest in Playa Hermosa
"Nosareños give strong showings"
• A recap of the contest results and where the locals stand in the national rankings

By Ryan Gorman
Courtesy of surfing nosara

Photo credit: Christina Truitt, Surf Inn Hermosa

Last month was a busy one for the local Nosareño surfers, with two contests in back to back weekends.

The first one was held here in Guiones on June 4th, and was the first Copa Anual Guiones Surf Contest. This local tournament was put on by Nosara Tico Surf School with the help and sponsorships from many other local businesses as well. The contest was a huge success with over 50 surfers entering and paying the $10 inscription fee. All proceeds from the contest went to benefit the Nosara Surf Team to help pay for their future travel and contest expenses. In total, they raised about $600 for the team!

The surf was decent, not epic, but in the waist to head high range on some of the better sets during the day. It was surely good enough for the local rippers to show us all their power turns and aerial maneuvers.

There were a number of divisions, but the Open Men's Division definitely brought together the best surfers in Nosara. They all battled it out, heat after heat with Luigui Montiel Lopez of Nosara Tico Surf School taking home first place, Vibert Wingrove placing second and Christian Santamaria coming in third.

Other surfers winning their division included: Aldair "Peluche" Hernandez taking first place in the Junior division with Sean Foerster from Samara coming in second, Sam Shook bringing home first in the Mini Grom division, Jessenia Alfaro and Jesse Carnes taking first and second, respectively, in the Women's Division and, of course, Christian Santamaria securing first place in the Longboard division with Jay Culbreth grabbing runner up.

The vibe on Playa Guiones for the contest was fantastic and locals from all over the area were out in full force, partying on the beach and cheering on the competitors. It was a great way to bring together the whole community and help support our local surfers in their future surfing endeavors.

Then, the very next weekend brought the 5th and final stop of the Ciruito Nacional de Surf to Playa Hermosa. Once Thursday morning came, The Nosara Surf Team headed south to represent Nosara and prove to any doubters out there that we have plenty of talent here! Many surfers advanced through their heats and a few of them placed in their divisions. Overall, the Nosara Surf Team had a great year in the CNS and many of them finished the 2011 season with impressive national rankings.


Sean Foerster
1st place in Mini-Grommet Division (Samara).
Photo credit: Christina Truitt, Surf Inn Hermosa


Photo by Pinar Istek
Photo by James Rees, Surfing Nosara
Photo by Pinar Istek

Playa Hermosa CNS Final Contest Results:

  • Kevin Montiel - 4th place in the Boys Division
  • Christian Santamaria – 2nd in Longboard Division
  • Sean Foerster – 1st place in Mini-Grommet Division (Samara)
  • Hanzel Ruiz – Advanced to Quarter Finals
  • Jessenia Alfaro – Advanced to Semi-Finals

Final CNS Rankings for 2011 Season – Top Nosara Surfers

  • Christian Santamaria – 2nd in Longboard
  • Sean Foerster (Samara) – 1st in Mini-Grommet Division (Mini-Grom Champion)
  • Sam Shook – 5th in Mini-Grommet Division
  • Kevin Montiel – 4th in Grommet Division
  • Callem Riedl – 5th in Grommet Divison
  • Stone VanTimmerman – 7th in Grommet Division
  • Storm VanTimmerman – 9th in Grommet Divison
  • Kevin Montiel – 7th in Boys Division
  • Walter Suazo – 16th in Boys Division
  • Jessenia Alfaro – 7th in Open Women
  • Selena Moberly – 2nd place Grommet Girls division & 4th place Junior Women Division

Congratulations to all members of The Nosara Surf Team, and their coaches Esteban and Luigui on a great season!


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