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Community News Briefs

NICOYA – Guanacaste’s Happy Children
Italian singer Beba Baker is promoting the creation of the “Fundación Los Niños Felices de Guanacaste” (The Happy Children of Guanacaste Foundation) through the sales of her record “Beba Baker le canta a Latinoamérica” (Beba Baker Sings to Latin America), whose proceeds will go directly to the Foundation. In addition, she has held several concerts in order to raise funds for the construction of the first Instituto de Guanacaste (Guanacaste’s Institute), which will be the Foundation’s headquarters in Nicoya. At the Institute, children will receive educational opportunities that will give them a career-oriented formation and knowledge; in addition, clothing, meals, lodging, recreational activities and health services will be provided for them. The kid’s families will also be received at the Institute so that they can visit their children. To help fulfill this dream for many of Guanacaste’s kids, you may contribute with the construction of the Foundation’s Institute.

In order to do so, you may call Beba at 2686-6945 or at 8835-5829 and/ or write to [email protected]

SAMARA – Recycling Center in Danger
The Recycling Center is in danger of closing if a new location is not found. This was informed by its founder, Berit Funke, in a recent press release. The property on which the center is currently located is privately-owned and the lease may end in one or two months, which is why a new property, preferably a municipal one, is urgently needed so that it belongs to the community. Funke added that “the current storage room is very small and the collected materials are exposed to the rain, which could lead to problems with the Ministerio de Salud”.

If you wish for the center to stay open so that it can continue offering recycling services, please contact Berit Funke at 2656-0295 or Giancarlo Capponi at 2656-0132.

NOSARA – Join the Nosara Writers Group
A local writers group has been meeting in Nosara. Four of us meet weekly Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 rotating among our respective homes. As local writers, we devised our own format, attempting to provide each writer with whatever type of input they request. By Tuesday, each writer e-mails the others about ten pages of the work they want reviewed. The others read it and bring comments to share at the following meeting.

We are open to other writers joining us. The maximum group size is five people. The group requires commitment of time and energy. Working on feedback for other’s writing is a valuable part of learning and honing of our own skills. We would also love to find a Spanish translator.

If you feel drawn to this opportunity. We would be happy to review your work and meet with you if it feels like a good fit. Deborah Brackman, [email protected], 2682 0209


More Community News

New Nosara Pura Vida Photo Book

With a total of 400 pictures of Nosara’s people, nature, surfers, fiestas, ostional turtles, monkeys and much more, Rolf Summer presents his first edition of a very unique book of the area. More >

Summer school in Samara by CREAR
Dreams come true for local kids

La Asociación CREAR just finished up another two weeks of camp with the children from two elementary schools in the Sámara area. As always, the camp was free to the local kids and provided a chance for supplemental learning during their time away from school. More >

Elkhart, Indiana Youth Rotary Works in the Library

The 22nd of June saw the arrival of six recent high school grads representing the Youth Program of the Elkhart, Indiana Rotary Club. Along with their three chaperones,  the young people worked for three days in the library, organizing and cleaning books and shelves and putting new books in the library inventory. More >



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