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Recycling can be very easy!
Here are some basic steps
on how to do it

By Elena Shaw
Recycling is something that everyone can do with the right information. The Voice of Nosara as well as many other people want to make recycling easier in the area. By following a few simple guidelines everyone can be doing their part to help out.

The first step to recycling is separating your garbage at home. You can find a list of what can and cannot be recycled (see chart)


The following items should be cleaned, crushed and separated for recycling:

Plastics – includes water bottles, sodas, vegetable oil, many salad dressings, mayo and mustard, many peanut butter and jelly, and lids of yogurt and sour cream containers.

Aluminum – includes beer and soda cans.
Does not include tin cans.

Glass – includes throwaway beer bottles, which are not recommended to purchase according to the Recycle Association.All glass recyclables must have the lids removed.

Cardboard and paper should be dry and collapsed and put out with the rest of your trash for collection.

Batteries – includes Panasonic only. Panasonic is the only company that will take back their own batteries. Batteries can be left at Super Nosara and the mini super Delicias del Mundo or every Saturday morning at the organic market at Giardino Tropical.



Where to take the recyclables?

Guiones: There is a recycle area across from Café de Paris that people can bring their recyclables to. It stays locked but the guards will gladly open it for you if you ask.

Nosara Town: Cigarron Recycle Center now receives almost everything such as appliances, tires, all plastics, ect. It is located at the old “Bomba.”

Nosara Dump road: Alexander and Arnulfo Espinoza run the Nosara Dump. They are currently accepting glass, plastic bottles and aluminum cans from residents in Delicias, Garza and Nosara. The monthly fee for collection is $10 a month for 8 pick-ups per month. People can leave their recyclables out with their garbage and they will take it from there.



Since June 2009, this community has had a Recycling Center. Although it still does not have its own truck for picking up recyclables, this has not stopped them from exercising good environmental and hygiene practices. You may take plastic, aluminum, tetra packs, appliances, glass (no flat glass), paper, cardboard, iron, scrap metals, bronze, copper and tin on Mondays through Saturdays, from 8 to 5 PM. The Center is located in downtown Samara, on the road to Intercultura 50 meters more, on the left-hand side of the street. For more information you may call 2656-0295 or 2656-0132.


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