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From Dogs to Pigs – Free Animal Clinic Provides Health Care to Over 200 Animals in Nosara

By Marcia Banes

The two friends were very happy to brind their dogs to fix them

Nosara – Despite the fact she was about to lose her leg, the small black dog looked at peace as she lay on the table. As one of many bystanders, I stand waiting to see what will happen next. Just then, I hear a man’s voice come from behind me say, “That’s my dog.”

Concha, a 4 year old Minature Pincher was undergoing a leg amputation as one of over 200 surgeries performed in Nosara this week on dogs and cats free of charge by a group of Volunteers named the World Vets. The dog’s owner, 27 year old Jorge Luis Pena, continued to explain how the dog was nearly killed when she was run over by a car almost 4 years ago. With no veterinary care available in Nosara and no extra money on hand for treatment, Jorge cared for the dog as best he could. This story is one out of hundreds just like it that prompted local resident, Sarah Foster, to reach out to the World Vet Organization for help.

The World Vet organization provides international veterinary aid for animals working in collaboration with animal advocacy groups, foreign governments, US and foreign military groups and veterinary professionals abroad. Foster had volunteered with the World Vets during one of their trips to Nicaragua and recognized the benefits of organizing a similar clinic in Nosara. Foster is member of Nosara Animal Care, a local non-profit organization that provides health care for homeless animals and for those animals living with low income families who cannot afford the high costs of veterinary medicine. Nosara Animal Care is completely funded by donations and has limited resources to care for the vast number of animals needing care in the area. Foster commented on her appreciation for the World Vet’s Visit. “We could never care for this many animals with the minimal supplies and shelter that we have. I wanted to work with the World Vets because I know they are professional veterinarians and not some hack jobs that I have seen in other similar clinics."
Over 200 surgeries were performed at the Free Clinic by 16 World Vet Volunteers in 3 days. The volunteers were comprised of Veterenarians, technicians and students. It was an impressive scene to witness as the volunteers worked together with speed and efficiency to treat as many animals as possible in the short time frame. Every volunteer had their assigned task from signing people in to preparing the animals for surgery to making the incision on the table. The scene was fast paced yet well organized and these volunteers were ready for anything, including a hernia repair surgery for a young pig. The patient’s families were given medicine and instructions for care after surgery and Foster will be doing follow ups on Concha and some of the other recovering animals in the week to come. 

The free clinic took place in downtown Nosara at the future site of the Nosara Animal Care Clinic located 25 meters west of Super Nosara and across from Jerry’s Hardware. The building has deserted for several years and is in need of renovation. The Clinic is asking for donations of items that would aid in the project. Examples of needed items include; tile, hoses, sinks, window screen, metal mesh, towels and paint, used refrigerator, a clothes washer, and a dryer.

To make a donation or for more information go to www.nosaraanimalcare.com and www.worldvets.org.

2 of the world vet volunteers spoiling the dogs before surgery

Esperanza town organized themself to bring eight dogs in the back of a truck

These two young cats were taking a nap on their owner lap while waiting for surgery



More Regional News

Fire at the Mini Súper Delicias del Mundo
“A huge cloud of smoke came over me”
Patricia Jimenez, co-owner of the store

Guiones – On Wednesday, August 4th, at 11:20 p.m. Manuel Pérez, an employee of a construction site located across from the Mini Súper Delicias del Mundo, heard the supermarket alarm system go off. Half and hour later, he saw the smoke. More >

Celebration of Nicoya’s Anexión
President Laura Chinchilla made promises to the Nicoyanos

Nicoya’s Municipalidad is currently struggling with a 140 million colones deficit in the 2009 budget which has the municipality scurrying to find a solution. The deficit was reported, back in April, to the Concejo Municipal (Municipal Council) by the Municipalidad’s Internal Auditing Department, which explained to the Council the difficult financial situation that the Institution is facing. More >

The Municipalidad Facing a ¢140 million deficit struggles to complete construction works

Nicoya’s Municipalidad is currently struggling with a 140 million colones deficit in the 2009 budget which has the municipality scurrying to find a solution. The deficit was reported, back in April, to the Concejo Municipal (Municipal Council) by the Municipalidad’s Internal Auditing Department, which explained to the Council the difficult financial situation that the Institution is facing. More >

INS’s 2002 Donation for Schools is Still Missing
• Donation amounted to almost ¢41 million colones
• The Asociación de Juegos Deportivos Nacionales was the organization responsible for financing

Nicoya’s Colegio Agropecuario and the Escuela de San Martín are still waiting for the almost ¢41 million colones donation that was made by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) in 2002 for the improvement of their sports facilities. More >

US Consul visit in Nosara
Consul General to crowd: Fight crime together

The crowd couldn’t wait to vent. Before Paul Birdsall, Consul General of the U.S. Embassy to Costa Rica, could get out his thoughts on deterring crime, the crowd erupted with a litany of frustrations about the thefts and burglaries taking place in this coastal tourist town. More >

Serapio López Fajardo School in Nosara has problems with the school board
Municipalidad Removes President of Nosara’s
Education Board

The Concejo Municipal (Municipal Council) unanimously voted to remove Juan José López Castillo, President of the Junta de Educación (Education Board) of the Escuela Serapio López in Nosara, from office due to apparent financial anomalies that took place during his time in office. More >

Interview with Juan José “Adonai” López Castillo, Former President of the Education Board of the Escuela Serapio López
“I have all the Bills and Receipts for what was Purchased”

Is it true that Orlando Villarreal donated one million colones to the Education Board?
Yes. First, he wrote a check payable to the Board of Nosara but, as you know, there is no Board of Nosara, only a Board of Education. Since we were unable to cash the check my fellow Board member, Eraida Matarrita (Vocal 1), and I went looking for Orlando in order to explain that the check could not be cashed. More >

Interview with Zulay Salas Valenciano, Nicoya’s Regional Director for the MEP

Did you advise that Juan José López Castillo be dismissed?
There was an investigation done by the Supervising Adviser, Damaris Díaz Hernández, and its results indicated that a replacement should be requested by the Municipalidad, which is the entity that appoints the Juntas de Educación (Education Boards) members, so the file was sent and they made the resolution. More >

PLN, ML, PUSC and PAC Have Elected Their Candidates for Nicoya’s Mayor Elections

Four political parties have their candidates ready so that, on December 6th, the Nicoyanos will be able to elect their next Mayor, who will be in charge of the Municipalidad during the next six years. More >

Interview with Grecy Castrillo Hernandez – Nicoya’s OIJ Operations Coordinator
“Crime in Nosara is not violent”

Has there been a rise in crime rates in Nosara?
Yes, whenever there is a growth in tourism, there is also a growth in delinquency.

According to Jason Vargas, Chief of Nosara’s Tourist Police, during the past nine months crime rates have not increased. Do you agree?
Yes, and not only did it not increase but it even decreased, not drastically, but we are aware that it has decreased.
More >



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