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Celebration of Nicoya’s Anexión
President Laura Chinchilla made promises to the Nicoyanos

by Oliver Pérez


On July 25th, during the Guanacastecos’ celebration of the 186th Anniversary of the Anexión del Partido de Nicoya to Costa Rica, President Laura Chinchilla arrived at the city’s park and there, in front of hundreds of people that attended the celebration, she announced that the plans for the road between Samara and Nosara are now ready and, in addition, the necessary funds to asphalt it have been approved.

The Ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes (Minister of Public Works and Transportation), Francisco Jiménez, explained that during the first half of 2011 they will start the bid and awarding phase of the project. “This means that, during the first three months of 2011, we will be putting out to tender the road’s construction project and, in the next three months, we will choose the company in charge of the work”, he mentioned.

In addition, Jiménez explained that the eviction process of the properties located next to the road is not finished yet but that, by the end of this year, they will be dealing with this issue by meeting with the property’s current occupants.

“We want Guanacaste to be a region of less contrast, one in which economic dynamism is linked to a more balanced social development. This morning (July 25th), at the Consejo de Gobierno, our administration has established concrete measures in order to strengthen a more comprehensive development” explained President.

On other subjects, the President also announced the construction of a new Medical Tower at the Nicoya Hospital, which will be able to accommodate 130 additional beds.

During the July 25th Celebration, José Pablo Jiménez Obando, an 11 year-old boy and student at the Escuela Antonio Maceo, at La Mansión de Nicoya, commenced the list of speeches with welcoming words for President Chinchilla and her Cabinet. These were tinged with Guanacaste’s folklore as he mixed retahílas (which can be described as a humorous “string of nonsense”), bombas and some of the province’s traditional sayings. His speech was well-accepted by the audience, who laughed with his words.

One curious detail was the large number of children who went up to the head table where the President was in order to say hi and, while the Mayor and the Legislator gave their speeches, Chinchilla was chatting with the little ones that came up to her to give her letters and kisses.

The President also signed a decree that creates the Consejo Nacional de la Industria Aeroespacial (National Council for Aerospace Industry), which the Ministra de Ciencia y Tecnologia (Minister of Science and Technology), Clotilde Fonseca, will preside over. The decree’s goal is to better qualify and invest in the space industry, under an agreement with Franklin Chang’s company, Ad Astra, which is located in Liberia.

Finally, in addition to the aforementioned promises made by President Chinchilla, that day she expressed support for Guanacaste’s farmers by announcing that a regional market will be built at Carrillo. Similar to Cenada, which is currently operating in Barreal, Heredia, this project will benefit 5,000 farmers from Guanacaste.


More Regional News

From Dogs to Pigs – Free Animal Clinic Provides Health Care to Over 200 Animals in Nosara

Nosara – Despite the fact she was about to lose her leg, the small black dog looked at peace as she lay on the table. As one of many bystanders, I stand waiting to see what will happen next. Just then, I hear a man’s voice come from behind me say, “That’s my dog.” More >

Fire at the Mini Súper Delicias del Mundo
“A huge cloud of smoke came over me”
Patricia Jimenez, co-owner of the store

Guiones – On Wednesday, August 4th, at 11:20 p.m. Manuel Pérez, an employee of a construction site located across from the Mini Súper Delicias del Mundo, heard the supermarket alarm system go off. Half and hour later, he saw the smoke. More >

The Municipalidad Facing a ¢140 million deficit struggles to complete construction works

Nicoya’s Municipalidad is currently struggling with a 140 million colones deficit in the 2009 budget which has the municipality scurrying to find a solution. The deficit was reported, back in April, to the Concejo Municipal (Municipal Council) by the Municipalidad’s Internal Auditing Department, which explained to the Council the difficult financial situation that the Institution is facing. More >

INS’s 2002 Donation for Schools is Still Missing
• Donation amounted to almost ¢41 million colones
• The Asociación de Juegos Deportivos Nacionales was the organization responsible for financing

Nicoya’s Colegio Agropecuario and the Escuela de San Martín are still waiting for the almost ¢41 million colones donation that was made by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) in 2002 for the improvement of their sports facilities. More >

Serapio López Fajardo School in Nosara has problems with the school board
Municipalidad Removes President of Nosara’s
Education Board

The Concejo Municipal (Municipal Council) unanimously voted to remove Juan José López Castillo, President of the Junta de Educación (Education Board) of the Escuela Serapio López in Nosara, from office due to apparent financial anomalies that took place during his time in office. More >

Interview with Juan José “Adonai” López Castillo, Former President of the Education Board of the Escuela Serapio López
“I have all the Bills and Receipts for what was Purchased”

Is it true that Orlando Villarreal donated one million colones to the Education Board?
Yes. First, he wrote a check payable to the Board of Nosara but, as you know, there is no Board of Nosara, only a Board of Education. Since we were unable to cash the check my fellow Board member, Eraida Matarrita (Vocal 1), and I went looking for Orlando in order to explain that the check could not be cashed. More >

Interview with Zulay Salas Valenciano, Nicoya’s Regional Director for the MEP

Did you advise that Juan José López Castillo be dismissed?
There was an investigation done by the Supervising Adviser, Damaris Díaz Hernández, and its results indicated that a replacement should be requested by the Municipalidad, which is the entity that appoints the Juntas de Educación (Education Boards) members, so the file was sent and they made the resolution. More >

PLN, ML, PUSC and PAC Have Elected Their Candidates for Nicoya’s Mayor Elections

Four political parties have their candidates ready so that, on December 6th, the Nicoyanos will be able to elect their next Mayor, who will be in charge of the Municipalidad during the next six years. More >

US Consul visit in Nosara
Consul General to crowd: Fight crime together

The crowd couldn’t wait to vent. Before Paul Birdsall, Consul General of the U.S. Embassy to Costa Rica, could get out his thoughts on deterring crime, the crowd erupted with a litany of frustrations about the thefts and burglaries taking place in this coastal tourist town. More >

Interview with Grecy Castrillo Hernandez – Nicoya’s OIJ Operations Coordinator
“Crime in Nosara is not violent”

Has there been a rise in crime rates in Nosara?
Yes, whenever there is a growth in tourism, there is also a growth in delinquency.

According to Jason Vargas, Chief of Nosara’s Tourist Police, during the past nine months crime rates have not increased. Do you agree?
Yes, and not only did it not increase but it even decreased, not drastically, but we are aware that it has decreased.
More >


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