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In Search of Surf: Navigating New Waves

By Todd Roof
Photos by Orian Fowler, Surf Simply

Playa Guiones is a mecca for surf. Good thing the waves are good here more often than not, and there's usually plenty of peaks to share. However, sometimes the swell doesn't hit Guiones like the all the wave models and forecasting web sites have predicted. That is when everyone looks at each other on the beach and says "what happened?" Then, you set out on the ultimate mission...to search a little bit harder and find a different kind of wave, a more unique break with little to no one in the lineup. At that point, it is almost more about the experience than the waves themselves. It is then when you find a fresh perspective and new appreciation for the journey as well as the destination.

The swell was here. We'd been waiting for it to arrive for several days now and were completely frothing for some quality surf. May wasn't quite chalking up to be the month of quality surf that we typically experience in Nosara. The problem with this swell though, was that it wasn't quite entering Playa Guiones the way it needed to. None of the other spots we had checked were working either. So we called capitan Vibert.

Vibert owns and operates Secret Spot, a boat that launches out of Garza daily and not only specializes in sport fishing, but getting you to those hard-to-reach and lesser-known surf spots as well. Vibert, being a surfer himself, was stoked when we called, and anxious to check some more out of the way breaks himself. When we arrived in Garza, it was still early morning and we were rubbing the last bits of sleep from our eyes while sipping coffee and unloading boards. He greeted us with a huge smile and Pura Vida vibe and pointed us to the smaller boat we boarded first, before transferring to Secret Spot.

The first spot we checked, a nice little reef break in an undisclosed location, while not absolutely firing, was still looking much better than anything else we had seen in at least a few days. We decide to anchor and paddle out. Without another surfer in sight, we had our very own, very private wave all to ourselves for the morning. We then proceeded to trade waves for the next while, until reaching the point of surfed out bliss.

After making our way back over to the boat, Vibert offers to check some other spots, or even go to a good place to cast a line, but for the time, we were contempt. Plus it was time for second breakfast.


One the way back to the beach, you couldn't help but be consumed with an overwhelming feeling of Pura Vida, while replaying all the best waves of the morning in your head. A bit out of the way, and it might cost a few bucks, but well worth the effort to catch a few waves with just you and your friends.


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