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Thinkers Invite Nosara To Think About Thinking

By Giordano Ciampini

Inquisitive minds may be interested to know that a pair of well-renowned thinkers are coming to, well, think in Guiones as part of a new residency program at the Harmony Hotel, with a special public discussion session to be held on August 13th.

“Our vision for the hotel is that it is a place for community and ideas. It’s an ideal space for people to step away from their busy professional lives and have the freedom to engage in contemplation,” said Harmony Hotel owner John S. Johnson.

Harmony has taken the standard model of artists' residency program and applied it to an equally creative field, the practice of thinking critically about concepts, constructs, and experiences in our world. In place of a final exhibition of works, as artists do, the philosophers will be presenting their ideas to the crowd at the hotel's Juice Bar.


“With the final discussion, on August 13th, we're really hoping to engage the people here in a discussion of the topic of morality, responsibility and judgement.” Said Ethel Araya, program co-ordinator .

Taking in the sights and sounds of the area will be Dr. Tamler Sommers, assistant professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston and social psychologist Dr. David Pizarro, associate professor at Cornell University.

The thrust of their research is about how different cultures and peoples hold themselves accountable for their actions through a lens of morality. Nosara, with it's mixed community of Ticos & foreigners, has it's own special challenges which could bring a different insight into the topic at hand for the deep-thinking Pizarro and Sommers.

So in addition to seeing the sights and experiencing Nosara, the pair of doctors will also have the chance to interview local lawyer and Nosara Security Association Treasurer, Andres Gonzalez.

“Because their work revolves around judgement and moral responsibility,” explained Araya, “we thought that Andres would be a perfect person to talk to about those topics.”

Following their week-long stay in town, Harmony Hotel's Juice Bar will be hosting a special evening of talks where Drs. Sommers and Pizarro will present their observations, findings, and conduct a discussion regarding moral responsibility on Monday August 13th, 2012 from 8pm until 11pm. Be sure to check Harmony Hotel's Facebook page for information & updates or call 2682-4114.


More Community News

Enjoy Poetry and Messages in the Sidewalks of Nicoya

Nicoyans and visitors can check out some 50 verses of poetry, bombas (traditional rhymes) and Guanacaste-style messages along the principal roads of the city. 

Two Nosara Areas Known for Drugs Are Getting Attention
• Road Reopened Between Los Arenales and Santa Teresita

Two areas known as hangouts for drugs and alcohol abuse have been getting extra attention lately: Hollywood and the dirt road between Los Arenales and Santa Teresita known as La Pompom.

Important Book Donation in Nosara

During the last couple of months, through an initiative of the Community Service Committee of Del Mar Academy and a group of girls who live in Barcelona, 685 books in the Spanish language have been collected, selected, imported and donated to the Kitson library in Nosara.

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