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September Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux
[email protected]

As September begins it is time to start getting down to business. When the new moon falls on the 8th in practical Virgo, begin making order from chaos. Think carefully about commitments, and where to plant the seeds of tomorrow. Focus on routine. Tidy up and make yourself useful. Avoid criticism of others and yourself– know that when you give your all, it is always enough.

On the 9th Venus enters emotional Scorpio.
Our shadow side emerges and we come face to face with issues around sexuality, passion, jealousy, anger, and other deeper aspects of our psyche. Explore your relationships, looking for areas where you could be more present and real with others. Think back to childhood and question when you began to censure your authentic self.

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces on the 10th, asking that we make sure all the pieces inside us line up with the newness that is manifesting in our lives. Evaluate your belief system, as it is the foundation of your future. Trust your inner guide and follow the signs. There may be blockages and delays as you iron out the kinks. Use this time to get clear about what it is that you truly desire.

On the 12th Mercury turns direct in Virgo! Look for breakthroughs in human resources and healing. Start a diet, exercise regime, quit a bad habit, move towards a healthier daily lifestyle. Get to work. Focus on the details, and everything will get done. Listen to others, but in the end, you ultimately know what is best for you.

Pluto stations direct on the 13th. As old ways collapse, new systems can begin to form. Things may feel uncomfortable as they right themselves. We could see large changes in the world around us. Greed and corruption are exposed. Balance is restored. By focusing on the mature qualities of wisdom, patience, and limitation – we learn where true power lies.

On the 15th Mars enter Scorpio. Spend time near the water. Dig your toes in the sand. Take a moment to check in with your motivations. Figure out what enlivens you. Tap into core energy, and revitalize your system. Find emotional release through movement. Get out and dance to the rhythm.

The full moon falls on the Equinox in Aries giving us the courage to make changes that have been brewing for awhile. You have plumbed the depths. You have questioned deeply. Now forget it all and return to innocence. Become the fool, playful and free. Know you are safe. Laugh. Explore. Take action. It is time to begin the journey.

Many Blessings And Pura vida!

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‘Experimental Project’ Premieres at Estancia

Experimental Project, is certainly an experiment, but it is also an experience and a mixto of musical styles, theater and improvisation that created a fresh dimension to local entertainment at Estancia, the local hotel that opens only for special events, at its season closer Aug. 28. More >

Mother’s Day Celebration – Party to Benefit the Nosara Kindergarten

The Coronation Ball for the Mother’s Pageant of kindergarten students of the Nosara Serapio Lopez Elementary School took place on Friday, August 13th before a large audience! More >



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