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Lofty Plans for Carrillo's New Catholic Church

By Kay K. Mitchell

Puerto Carrillo has a new church, large with a high vaulted ceiling and arched windows along each side. The entrance is huge, opening to a vast space that leads to the altar that is elevated with wooden lecterns and the appropriate chair for the Bishop.

Master of Construction, Elmer Aleman Ramirez of Estrada, was delighted to share his excitement in the new building as well as the anticipation of the Carrillo community. The church is 270 square meters, more than three times the size of the old church and is built of concrete and blocks. Aleman, well known for his construction expertise, has been a builder for more than 22 years.

The new church is being built on the same site as the old building, strategically located in the center of Puerto Carrillo. Architect Freddy Lopez, from Nicoya, said the architectural design has been based on utilizing traditional forms with modern construction techniques with concrete, steel, glass and marble. “Part of its style is the lack of ornamentation and centering attention on the symbols of the Catholic Church,” he elaborated. “Internally, you can feel the entrance of nature light and air as a natural response to the environmental conditions of the zone. The availability of the area of church members in very direct relation to the area of celebration [of mass] makes reference to the desire to symbolize a community in direct contact with its creed.”  



The Carrillo Community along with the Association of Development in Carrillo, has provided funds for the construction so far. Lopez estimated that at this stage 50 million colones ($100,000) have been invested in the project and another 35 million ($70,000) is needed for finishing details.   

Two prominent women of Carrillo, Mirta Cortes Castrillo and Idaly Castrillo Salazar, are instrumental in providing the impetus behind the fund raising. There is a group that joins them, Los Padrinos (The Godfathers), whose main concern is to finish the church as soon as possible.

There are many plans for the future that are included in Lopez’s design. For example, the windows will have beautiful stained glass. Lopez already has the designs for the windows; they are just waiting to raise the money to install them. The church will also be painted and new pews will be added as soon as possible.

In addition to finishing the church, the group has big dreams for the future. They are hoping to make Carrillo a destination for pilgrims and spiritual seekers who will come to the church to participate in workshops and spiritual events of all kinds.


More Community News

Neighbors pitch in to improve road in Samara

Fourteen Samara businesses and neighbors along the road to El Lagarto restaurant decided it was time to do something about flooding and drainage problems along that road. Laura Ellington of Intercultura reported that the neighbors collected 550,000 colones ($1100) to repair the road, with the promise that the municipality will later contribute up to 4 million colones ($8000) for further improvements. 

Potable Water Promised to Beach Community of Pelada

The Federal Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) delivered a promise to the residents inhabiting the portion of the Ostional refuge in Pelada. For years the residents of the small beach community living in the 200 meter refuge zone have relied on well water that is often found to be unfit for drinking.

Dedicated to Education
Samara School’s New Director Explains Her Philosophy of Education

She has always loved to be surrounded by children. That’s why Maria Luisa Villarreal Muñoz chose to pursue a career in education. Now, 14 years into her career, she has been promoted to Director of the school in Samara, assuming the new post on August 10.

Downtown Nosara With New Curb

Now rainwater has a course to follow in downtown Nosara. The new 500-meter long curb and gutter stretch from the soccer field to the Rancho Tico restaurant, with a cost of over 10 million colones.

Torches, Lanterns and Drums to
Celebrate 190 Years of Independence

Thousands of students are expected to take to the streets to celebrate Costa Rica's 190 years of independence. Starting on the 13th of September, the torch will be lit on the border of Penas Blancas at 10 am, thus commencing the cross country tour.



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