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September Astrology Report

By Ashley Laux

When mental mercury re-enters task oriented Virgo on the 10th attend to any existing health issues, and begin to create a better daily routine. Then put your nose to the grindstone in order to get projects successfully off the ground. Look closely for any minute details you may have missed, read the fine print, and take the time to map out the steps ahead.

The full moon falls in watery Pisces on the 12th pushing us to take a leap of faith. Spend time in introspection, and reflect on the parts of your life where there is doubt and confusion. Seek a balance between the logical and the intuitive. Spend time by the water and honor the ebb and the flow of the tides that mirror the cycles of your own emotions. Allow the boundary between self and other to blur.

Loving Venus enters partner-oriented Libra on the 14th. Take a moment to spruce up your surroundings, decorate with harmonious colors, listen to peaceful music, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Socialize, and seek out friendships that have withstood the test of time. Champion the underdog and allow the higher principles of Truth and Justice to influence your decisions. Use compromise to transform any relationship that needs healing.

Powerful Pluto stations direct on the 16th offering us a chance to release the past once and for all, and start fresh. Things may seem a bit chaotic as the need for transformation becomes apparent. Focus on the qualities of wisdom, patience, and limitation as you strive to reach your goals. Old structures need to crumble in order for the new ideas that have been brewing to begin to manifest.
When Mars moves into Leo the qualities of personal desire, anger, willpower, and self-assertion come to the foreground. Express yourself creatively, and allow an optimism to prevail. Be courageous and brave. Avoid drama and arrogance.

The new moon falls on the 27th in Libra bringing our focus to relationships and relatedness. Focus on finding a balance between giving and receiving. Take the time to become centered in self-appreciation, before extending your affections to others. Open your heart, and offer assistance to those in need. Fill your days with grace and sincerity, using kindness to melt even the hardest of hearts.

Many blessings and pura vida!


More Entertainment News

Nicoyans Symphony Orchestra will be at the Melico Salazar Theater

The rhythm of Guanacaste will take over next Wednesday September 28 at the Melico Theatre in honor of Fidel Gamboa. The Symphony Orchestra 25 de Julio Sinem Nicoya will present a music show of Guanacaste province. It is the first time a classical music group will perform at the San Jose theatre. The performance will begin at 7 pm.

Punta Islita Village and Museum

Well worth the mountainous, winding drive through Costa Rica's jungle-scape is the small village of Punta Islita. Perched on a hilltop in the center of the village is a truly unique find; the heart of Latin America's first Outdoor Museum of Contemporary Art.


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