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5 Simple Secrets to Superior Health and Happiness

By Mary Serphos
Licenced Psychotherapist and Certified Health Coach

Transforming your health and your mood doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process. Luckily, as human beings, we have the ability to “snap out of it”, whatever “it” is quickly and simply. Whether you’re in a funk or feeling stressed or anxious, here are some tricks to help you clear out what’s weighing you down and help you revive in no time.

  1. Be Grateful. Never underestimate the sheer power and life changing act of expressing gratitude. Praise yourself or praise another or acknowledge the sheer beauty of the moment. That which brings a smile to your face helps you step into the present. When we truly feel a sense of gratitude, the internal landscape of the body changes.

  2. Enjoy Your Food. Learn to slow down and chew. So many of us are accustomed to eating on the go. Make it a rule that the time to eat is sacred and worthy of an allotted time especially for this act of self love and inner nourishment. By turning the ordinary meal into an event we are making a conscious effort to encourage superior health in the body. Of course our choices do matter with regards to our health and happiness. Try adding fresh greens to your meal. The antioxidants and phytochemicals in greens boost immunity and cognitive function. One to try: fresh basil. Studies have shown that the compounds in fresh basil help lift mood.

  3. Just say “NO” to negativity. Ironic, huh?...but unfortunately, there are many naysayers out there. There is no need to allow negative energy to drain you. If negativity knocks at your door, be curious about it; run, don’t walk, the other way and definitely don’t let it seep under your skin. Make it a practice to let it go on the spot. We want to be infused with positivity and joy- this is the “primary food” that enables us to have the energy to do the work we were meant to do and remain engaged in life.

  4. Twist and Shout. Ok, maybe trying singing instead of shouting especially if others around may try and take the fun out of your shoutfest. Using your voice to belt out a song or a shout as long as you alone somewhere or with other likeminded souls who know that this practice rocks. (Try shouting in your car or on a deserted trail where others won’t think you are crying for help). Science has proven that singing, chanting or belting out a loud sigh can induce a more relaxed state in the body. And twisting (literally) is a great way to release stress and tension. Try sitting upright, stretch out your legs then cross one leg with a bent knee over towards your hip and wrap your elbow around the bent leg and position it on the bent knee while you turn your head and look as far behind you as possible and hold for 20 seconds. Do this on both sides or simply stand up and twist your upper body letting your arms hang free.

  5. Hold This. A simple acupressure technique to help induce calm: hold the point between your thumb and index finger on your hand. There are many other points all over the body that when held help circulate the energy of the body. It is possible to hold these points ourselves or receive a professional treatment. Likewise, massage is also a powerful way to help us increase happiness and calm that has long lasting benefits for mind and body.


More Health News

Brighter Smiles for Nosara

The children of Nosara are in for healthier, brighter smiles thanks to the help of two dentists, Dr. Laura Villarreal, and Dr. Magda Guerrero. The two women set out to educate the children of Nosara through free educational seminars about dental hygiene and oral health.

Reaping the Health Benefits from Gardening at Home

It is incredibly rewarding to reap the benefits from a home garden. Planting and working in a garden can be more simple than it seems and due to the low impact nature of gardening, it can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Gathering nutrient dense fresh hand picked greens, squash, tomatoes and papaya found right outside the front door not only boosts physical health but is also an effective way to reduce stress.

Aging and Sex
No Expiration Date on Sexuality

Life is a series of stages, each different, but all essential to our development. Sexuality is not unconnected to them, being a fundamental aspect with a rhythm that evolves as the years pass by.



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