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No Expansion, No New Building. Nosara's Health Clinic to Remain As Is

By Oliver Perez and Emiliana Garcia
Photos by Samatha Pollock

Despite the announcement of a new Health Clinic for Nosara made in December 2010, Nosareños will have to make-do with the existing facility. The CCSS (Estate Health Insurance) announced it has no immediate plans to expand or rebuild.

In a report dated December 8, 2010 Tannia Tánchez, Director of Ebais in Nicoya, stated the Nosara district was to receive a budget of about 50 million colones for the expansion of the Clinic. In a meeting held on the morning of August 24 the Director of Health Services for Guanacaste, Anner Angulo delivered the bad news, that there are no short term plans for such expansion.

One says yes, another says no.
On June 29, 2010, the former regional director, Luis Fernando Canales, contacted the Medical Director of CCSS and indicated concern. He informed that Nosara's health clinic was not equipped to handle the high flow of patients. The clinic treats about 3,152 Nosara inhabitants on top of a high number of migrant workers, residents of Ostional and tourists. The Clinic servicing Ostional residents is in the city of Santa Cruz 56 km away, but because of proximity the Nosara clinic is much more convenient, only 7 km away.

Angulo's testimony regarding the situation in Nosara does not coincide with Tánchez report. In a phone interview with VON minutes after Wednesday's three hour meeting, Angulo stated that because there are only 3,152 Nosareños there is no need for an expansion of the clinic. The CCSS sets a parameter for all health clinics depending on population size and services provided. In the case of Nosara the clinic is set to handle a population of 4 000 people.


The design for the proposed expansion of the clinic

"The numbers mean we can work with what we've got," said Angulo.

Angulo approved an increase in the budget to allow extended hours for clinic staff and moreover, the Nosara Development Association offered to build a home next to the clinic for nurses and other medical professionals, but the staff rejected it.

Needless to say, members of the association were not happy with the results of the meeting. They attended, expecting to have Angulo confirm the expansion.

"We have a closure order from the Ministry of Health by the end of September for lack of effective law 7600. We need to improve this clinic and clearly the CCSS is not going to help" said Marcos Avila, Trustee of Nosara.

In contrast, Angulo was satisfied with the results of the meeting.

"The first meeting was successful because the CCSS has committed its obligation, while neighbors are committed to seek help from the National Community Development, do small repairs, shaping the health committee, among other activities, I can say that it has initiated a partnership that can provide many benefits, "said the regional director of Guanacaste.


More Regional News

Five Kilos of Cocaine Found Abandoned In Nosara

The touristic police of Nosara were contacted after a strange looking package was found lying near the dump. According to Jason Vargas, chief of tourist police in Nosara, a call was recevied on Sunday September 25 at about 5:15 pm.

Nicoyanos Celebrated the National Holiday to Beating Drums, Parades and Plenty of Sunshine

The civic holiday was celebrated in a big way this September 15th, as our country commemorated 190 years of Independence. The scorching sun accompanied students during the traditional parade, which started in front of La Anexión Hospital, extending for approximately 600 meters and ending up in Nicoya's park, where the patriotic feelings emerged on every corner.

Samara asks District Attorney for More Police

On Friday afternoon, September 9th Aymee Caravaca, The Chief Prosecutor and District Attorney for Guanacaste, visited Samara to meet with community members who are requesting more police presence in Samara area. The meeting took place at Intercultura at 1 p.m. and lasted about 3 hours.

Three Months Pretrial Detention for Suspect in Case of High School Student's Poisoning Death

The primary suspect in the assault and poisoning death of a 17 year highschool student from Santa Teresa, Nosara has been sentenced to three months of custody on suspicion of guilt.

Recycling Improvements on the Horizon for Nicoya Canton

The future of recycling for Nicoya Canton, including Samara, was the topic on the table during a meeting convened by Mayor Marcos Jimenez at the Municipality in Nicoya on Friday, September 2. Ceprona Foundation has been contracted as a consulting firm to develop a complete recycling program for the canton, as required by Law 8839, Integral Management of Residues which was approved a year ago.

Costa Rica: Number one in worldwide use of agrochemicals

In reference to the environment, Costa Rica paints itself green, like a fresh broccoli, before the International community. However, the oppressing presence of insecticides in its agriculture tears down that image, which is converging into the path of myth. 

Above Average Rainfall Forecasted for September and October

After an early start in May and above average rainfall in June and July, we enjoyed a break in the rains at the end of July and beginning of August, but that's all it was — a break. Now the onslaught of rainstorms (including thunder to make you jump out of your seat) is back and predicted to be above average this year, although not quite as bad as last year.

New Library for Nicoya

In 2012, the city of Nicoya is set to have a brand new public library fully equipped with wireless internet access and an extensive, bilingual selection of books. Spaces for children, youth, adults who seek quiet, a multi-purpose hall and a space for workshops and meetings are included in the design.

Nicoya Digs a New Grave

The days are numbered for Nicoya's old dilapidated cemetery. The committee formed to purchase property for the replacement cemetery is well on its way to closing a deal.

Work on Nosara River to be done in stages
Work to begin by the airport and the Los Angeles neighborhood

It looks like some work on the Nosara River in response to a resolution issued in July 2009 by the Constitutional Court may finally begin in December. The work will be done in stages budgeted at 300 million colones ($600,000) for each stage. This is an approach different from the single large dike project costing 1,600-million-colones ($3,200,000) that was proposed in February 2011.

CASATUR of Samara welcomes eight new members

CASATUR was hoping to add four new members to its board of directors in a meeting held on Tuesday, August 23 in the community hall, but eight community members volunteered to work with the organization that works to promote tourism and community development in Samara.

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