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Tourist Police Update Nosara Community On Latest Activity
Tourist Police reports increase in feedback from through anonymous calls

By Samantha Pollock

Wednesday September 28, the tourist police held an open meeting for members of the Nosara community.

More than 20 people attended the meeting held in the main lobby of L’aqua Viva hotel, 56 individuals were personally invited. Attendees were briefed on the latest police activity and given a chance to voice their concerns. 

Jeison Vargas, chief of the tourist police in Nosara, made a presentation and provided a number of statistics based on information gathered between January and August of 2011. Included in the statistics were the number and type of reported crimes, amount and type of contraband seized, and number and nature of police visits made during the aforementioned time frame. 

Photo credit Randall Vargas

A point highlighted by Vargas was the high rate of crack use in the community. Vargas explained that crack is highly addictive and the high rate of use in the area contributes to the number of robberies being committed.

“Those who use and are addicted to crack are very desperate for their next fix, these are the people we find committing robberies, anything to be able to afford more drugs,” said Vargas. 

Vargas said the use in Nosara was much higher than any other area in Guanacaste including Flamingo and Tamarindo. Vargas, with the assistance of Agnes Pinheiro, president of the Nosara Security Association, who was translating throughout the meeting, also warned those in attendance about the area’s drug problem.

“We can not be blind to this. There are drugs and drug cartels in the area,” said Pinheiro. 

Both Vargas and Pinheiro referenced the confiscation of 5 kilos of cocaine Sunday September 18th. 

With a tone of progress Vargas discussed the relationship between community members and the police. Reminding the guests that the better the relationship between police and public, the better the service the public will receive. Vargas stressed the importance of community- police collaboration and told guests that he has witnessed an increase in feedback from the community through anonymous calls. 


Rent and utilities for the Touristic Police office are paid for with donations from the community through the Nosara Security Association. According to Pinheiro, the Association is liaising with the Ministry of Security in order to have these costs subsidized so the funds can be allocated to more crucial uses. Ideas such as surveillance cameras, and police vehicles were brought up at the meeting.

For details regarding finances see – www.nosarawatch.com


With a total of 12 police staffing the Guiones touristic district, which reaches from Barco Quebrado to Ostional, the pressure to keep the crime and security in the area under control is extremely high. Pinheiro explained that ultimately the tourist police in Guiones are understaffed and under paid.

“In order for anyone to do the best they can at their job, they must feel welcome, say hello, make them feel apart of the community because they are an integral part,” said Pinheiro.

By the end of the meeting one thing was made excruciatingly clear. While there is great need for improvement, the community members in attendance were grateful for the presence of the tourist police.

Tourist Police Seizures

Cocaine grams 5000
Marijuana Cigarettes 07
Extacy pills 01
Firearms 01
Arrest warrants 02

Police Activity

Bus Searches 36
Arms Control 1
Road Patrols 67 
Drug Control 18           
Delivery of brochures 17
Security of Tourisitic  28
Recreational Spaces                        
Safety and Security  10                       
Visits to businesses  20
Visits to hotels   04

Reported Crimes

Psychotropic Drugs Act 23
Domestic Violence  5
Against property  76
Against persons  3
Against life  1

To see the complete spanish report, you can click here to download power point presentation


More Regional News

Mel Gibson returns 39.4 hectares of Maritime Land Zone

It seems that actor and movie producer Mel Gibson wants to bury legal litigations, and therefore decided to return 39.4 hectares in Barrigona Beach, a Maritime Land Zone area that corresponds to the Municipality of Nicoya. 

Defender scolds Municipality and Ministry of Health for not contracting Red Cross During Nosara Fiestas

The Defender of the People (Defensoría de los Habitantes) brought to the attention of the Municipality and the Ministry of Health that in the fiestas held between January 27 and 31, the Nosara Association of Development contracted the services of a private ambulance instead of the Red Cross.

Samara’s first cooperative looks to use excess wood productively
Free “Walking for Life” beach and rural walk planned for October 30th

A new non-profit cooperative has been organized in Samara under the direction of Marco Antonio Campos Campos. Farming, Industrial, Tourism and Multiple Services Cooperative of Samara, (COOPESAMARA), aims to commercialize wood products, improve tourism, promote employment and improve the quality of life of its associates, their families and the community...

Protest at Serapio Lopez
Day Four: Protest makes for Progress

Protesters took to the tarmac this morning in a drastic attempt to be heard. A day that began with frustration is closing with a sense of relief.

Protests at Serapio López School
Parents close school to protest before the MEP

Even though the heavy rains wouldn’t let up on Monday, October 10, about 50 parents followed through on the threat to close Serapio López School. On Monday, before the first sunrays lit the sky, they closed it as a means of pressuring the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), since as they commented they want the director removed from the school.

Another Step toward a Safer Samara
Director General of Preventive Police met with community

Persistence is slowly paying off for Samara’s Security Committee as they receive more attention from officials in their quest to improve security after the murder of an Argentine tourist a few months ago. On Thursday, October 6 about 30 people attended a meeting with Director General of the Preventive Police Ivan Dumani Sáenz and other police officials.

Nicoya's Municipalidad Hunts Down Tax Evaders
Pedregal, several shrimping companies and even Mel Gibson owe millions

Nicoya's Municipalidad is determined to recover 313 million colones in taxes owed by three companies that operate in the area and has therefore initiated a recovery process by notifying each of them.

Youth Dies in ATV Accident

Rodrigo Fuentes Marin, 20 years old, tragically passed away Sunday, October 2 in a quad accident in Esperanza, Nosara.

Fuentes was visiting his girlfriend in Nosara for the weekend and decided to get on the quad one last time before returning to San Jose.


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