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Protests at Serapio López School
Parents close school to protest before the MEP

By Emiliana Garcia. Collaboration from Samantha Pollock and Marvin Castillo
Photos by Marvin Castillo

Even though the heavy rains wouldn’t let up on Monday, October 10, about 50 parents followed through on the threat to close Serapio López School. On Monday, before the first sunrays lit the sky, they closed it as a means of pressuring the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), since as they commented they want the director removed from the school.
They took over the entrance beginning at 5 in the morning, and they say they will continue for various days until MEP replaces the current director. 

Carol Rivera Villalobos, one of the mothers active in organizing the protest, told VON that they will not move from the educational center “until they remove the director of the school, because (he) has been here for 17 years and doesn’t do anything; there are just anomalies,” she declared. 

The parents disagree with the way the director has handled school resources, arguing that the school is in very bad structural condition.

A team from VON was able to verify that, with just the rain from Monday morning, the classrooms were flooded. Wastewaters ran directly toward the school’s patio and the bathrooms were dirty and in poor conditions, due to which the children usually relieve themselves outside around the school. 
Also, around the school where they are constructing a dining hall, there are nails and pieces of iron.  In fact, it was even observed that some businesses throw their garbage in the perimeter of the school’s patio.  
For her part, Damaris Diaz, Supervisor of the Regional Direction of Education, showed up at the school at 8 in the morning, but wasn’t able to resolve the problem with the parents. Dias arrived in Nosara to present an act regarding what happened and send it to her superiors. 

Various parents were bothered by the supervisor because, according to them, she informed them that the director, after being on leave for health problems since August 29, was given further incapacitation in the hospital that will last another month. 

Lety Prendas, mother and head of the strike along with other parents, demand
to Damaris Diaz (on the right), Regional Supervisor for the Ministry of Education, to change the Nosara school Principal
Signs with text saying "We want a respectful principal, not a person full of
anger and revenge"
Over 50 parents arrive to the Nosara School on Monday October 10 to support
the strike

The strike is developing in a peaceful manner, so the Public Force hasn’t had to intercede. They just stay on top of what is happening.   

In the past, this same director has already had problems with various parents and is still under investigation. A penal complaint was filed against him by ex-members of the 2009 School Board for presumed administrative fraud, falsification of public documents and use of false documents.


More Regional News

Mel Gibson returns 39.4 hectares of Maritime Land Zone

It seems that actor and movie producer Mel Gibson wants to bury legal litigations, and therefore decided to return 39.4 hectares in Barrigona Beach, a Maritime Land Zone area that corresponds to the Municipality of Nicoya. 

Defender scolds Municipality and Ministry of Health for not contracting Red Cross During Nosara Fiestas

The Defender of the People (Defensoría de los Habitantes) brought to the attention of the Municipality and the Ministry of Health that in the fiestas held between January 27 and 31, the Nosara Association of Development contracted the services of a private ambulance instead of the Red Cross.

Samara’s first cooperative looks to use excess wood productively
Free “Walking for Life” beach and rural walk planned for October 30th

A new non-profit cooperative has been organized in Samara under the direction of Marco Antonio Campos Campos. Farming, Industrial, Tourism and Multiple Services Cooperative of Samara, (COOPESAMARA), aims to commercialize wood products, improve tourism, promote employment and improve the quality of life of its associates, their families and the community...

Protest at Serapio Lopez
Day Four: Protest makes for Progress

Protesters took to the tarmac this morning in a drastic attempt to be heard. A day that began with frustration is closing with a sense of relief.

Another Step toward a Safer Samara
Director General of Preventive Police met with community

Persistence is slowly paying off for Samara’s Security Committee as they receive more attention from officials in their quest to improve security after the murder of an Argentine tourist a few months ago. On Thursday, October 6 about 30 people attended a meeting with Director General of the Preventive Police Ivan Dumani Sáenz and other police officials.

Nicoya's Municipalidad Hunts Down Tax Evaders
Pedregal, several shrimping companies and even Mel Gibson owe millions

Nicoya's Municipalidad is determined to recover 313 million colones in taxes owed by three companies that operate in the area and has therefore initiated a recovery process by notifying each of them.

Tourist Police Update Nosara Community On Latest Activity
Tourist Police reports increase in feedback from through anonymous calls

Wednesday September 28, the tourist police held an open meeting for members of the Nosara community. More than 20 people attended the meeting held in the main lobby of L’aqua Viva hotel, 56 individuals were personally invited. Attendees were briefed on the latest police activity and given a chance to voice their concerns.


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