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Nosara Pre-school has New Bathrooms
By Sarah Antonson

• Before, kids had to trek across the muddy school yard for a bathroom
• Construction cost were $2000

The Surfing Nosara Foundation (SNF) is proud to announce the completion of its fourth major project for 2010. This October, the preschoolers of Serapio Lopez Elementary School began utilizing the new bathroom facilities within their classroom, built with materials donated by SNF and parent labor.

Before the construction of new bathroom inside the Materno classroom, the preschoolers had to leave the classroom and trek across the muddy school yard unattended to use the facilities near the computer room.

The general bathrooms have metal bodega doors, and at times the little ones would get stuck inside and cry until the groundskeeper or someone else heard them and ran to help. The sinks are too high, and this year at least one little boy split open his chin when he fell from the outdoor sink.

The new bathroom, which includes two bathroom stalls and a small sink, is located inside the preschool classroom. The total project cost ~$2,000 and was completed over the course of four weekends, utilizing the help of 20 parents.
One skilled laborer was hired to oversee and contribute to the construction. Teacher Seidy Ugalde conceptualized the project and reached out for help from the SNF in May. Together with the help of Alexander Cordoba, a father of a student, the SNF organized a fundraising event, ‘Futbol Foco’. The Materno class contributed throughout the entire process, additionally hosting a children’s relay and party to cover the cost of the hired builder.

Future project: First Aid Training in schools
This November, SNF & the Nosara Red Cross (Cruz Roja), will bring first aid basic training courses to each public school during the last week of November. The four-hour courses are free & open to the public; SNF will donate first aid kits to each participating school. You can help by donating basic supplies (band-aids, gauze, tape, etc.) to SN office, next to Banco Popular or call for more information at 2682-0570.

Course schedules will be posted online at www.surfingnosara.com/charity

If you are interested in being involved in the SNF and would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to contact Sarah Antonson at [email protected], by visiting the Surfing Nosara office next to Banco Popular, or by calling SN at 2682-0570. Thank you again for your continued support!


Seidy Ugalde, Kinder teacher
Kids parents collaborated during the construction.

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