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Surf and Sound
[Attempting] An Interview with Donavon Frankenreiter

By Spencer Klein
Compliments of Experience Nosara

I walk in the gate of a well known vacation rental here in Guiones and before I see a soul I'm certain I found the right place. It's midday at Safari Surf School's "Surf with a Pro" camp. Boards of all shapes are scattered all around the pool, rashguards are hung from gutters, and guitars are napping on folded board bags. The scene inside the home is much the same. Photographers are sifting through slides of the morning surf - groms hawking over their shoulders. From a barstool, a recent sting ray victim dangles his foot in boiling water as his buddies laugh. Someone picks lazily at an ukelele, and a dozen camp guests sprawled in every manner across sofas carry a thread of conversation from surf to music to travel. And there in the back, with his back to it all, is Donavon Frankenreiter, a man whose life has evolved around those very elements: surf, music, and travel.

I walk to the back of the room and Frankenreiter is watching himself on a screen, crooning an acoustic cover of Tom Petty's American Girl with a studio overlay of psychedelic lighting and imagery. 


Donavon Frankenreiter encouraged the audience to sing and dance in Estancia
Nosara, November 18th


The audience cheering and thanking Donavon Frankenreiter after the concert
in Estancia Nosara, Friday november 18th

He and his videographer are editing. It's evident right away that Frankenreiter operates on his own plane - sincere and self-directed, he carries himself with a free-wheeling spontaneity reminiscent of a Beat memoir. (Something that shows in his creative approach to surfing as well.) A modern day surfing, strumming Dean. He seems to be here and there and everywhere, and you're just never quite sure what the guy is gonna say. The general gist of it: Nosara is one stop on a never ending, free surf and musical tour around the world, and he's glad to be here.

DF: Join us, sit down. You came here to write - you're probably creative. We're editing a music video for a new record that's out called Recycled Recipes. We filmed it last night right here. Luke, go back to the end credits. Fade it to black. Cosmic Nosara Lounge. That's what we're calling this place. You like it? What should it be? 

VON: Nosara Cosmic Lounge.

DF: Great, change it Luke. So where can we surf right now?  

VON: Is this your first time in Nosara?

DF: Yeah. Let's find some little point. I'll surf anything really. Doesn't matter if the waves are good or bad - sometimes it's just fun to break it up a little bit. I'll have fun.

VON: So what's leading the charge right now in this touring lifestyle - the surf or the music?

DF: [Grabs recorder.] This is hot off the press dude. Hello? Is this thing on? Check - one - two.  It's both. I've been doing both. It's been like.... a surfing....musical....journey. I've been doing both for so long now. It's crazy.

VON: Take us into the future a little bit.

DF: Well, I'm off to Brazil from here. I'm gonna bring the whole band down there, and then back to my home in Hawaii. And then to California for a month, where we're gonna make a new album. And then back to Brazil again, and New Zealand for New Years.

VON: Wow, that's quite a lot of action. Are you a family man?

DF: Yeah, I have a wife and two kids back home. They're 8 and 4. We're normally all out on the road together, all over the world - it's fun. They're cute little guys. They're ripping it up. Videos on YouTube and stuff.

VON: With all this traveling, are there any favorite stops along the way - places you like to go back to.  

DF: Right now it's Nosara. [Grabs recorder, bends low to feign secrecy.] We're gonna go surf this secret spot right now. Can't tell you where that's at, but I'm hijacking the interviewer's car keys, and the interviewer - [sitting back up, turns to me] - there's gotta be a little sand bar somewhere. I mean c'mon. Let's go. Right now. [Gets up]. Hey Josh, let's get the cameras and go. We'll film it. Nosara Cosmic Lounge to the Secret Spot. Do we have to cross any rivers?

VON: Let's give it a few minutes, the wind is still pretty hard onshore. Any highlights to your week so far?

DF: [Sitting back down] Just loving life. Jamming, surfing a lot, and just exploring a new spot where I've never been. I really like this town - it's been fun. Now let's go. You in? I know we'll have fun. Hey - how long is the zipline? Like if I wanted to film a song on there. Could I do it? [Singing] Slip slidin' away.... what if we did the song live? No, let's do the whole video underwater in the pool. You think I can hold my breath that long? I think a couple umbrellas out here on a street corner in Nosara. I wanna do something where there's cars driving by, people walking, looking at us all weird. Nothing staged. Why don't we leave in five - you wanna leave in like five minutes?

VON: Sure. Any last words for Nosara and all the people who live here.

DF: I just love how small and rootsy it is. It's so fun. I hope it stays just like it is. It can get a little bigger. But I just love the country feel around here. Dirt roads, dude. Dirt roads. [Pause] Do we have to cross any rivers?


Donavon offered concert in an intimate atmosphere full of energy

By Irina Guzmán

A cool night with a lot of human warmth—this is how the community of Nosara and visitors from different countries waited for the pop-folk singer Donavon Frankenreiter, who performed in the Nosara Estancia before nearly 700 people. 

The wait themselves around pleasant, with background music by a DJ, that did mixtures among electronics, reggae and popular themes, so that the people danced and they sang. Next I arrive the auction with the intention to collect funds in favor of the Surfing Nosara Foundation and Nosara Animal Care, which was a success and included the participation of all the presents. 


Waiting around was pleasant, with background music by a DJ, who played a mix of electronic, reggae and popular tunes, so people danced and sang along. Next came the auction to raise funds on behalf of Surfing Nosara Foundation and Nosara Animal Care, which was a success with everyone present participating. 

When the auction ended, just after nine at night, the public was delighted by Donavon. As the show opened, one of the most anticipated songs was “Free,” which pleased those present.

Rachel Fregosi, the winner of the raffle for two VIP tickets to the concert courtesy of VON, said “The music enchants me, and sharing with people that like the music is like a communion, [it’s] music for everyone.”

The themes interpreted by Donavon connected everyone with the emotions of the folk-pop acoustic artist, who inspires living in peace and harmony with nature and the ocean in particular, since Donavon also surfs professionally. Accompanied by the simplicity of each note that came out of the harmonica, the maximum expression of a feeling, Donavon encouraged the public to be on the dance floor, enjoying an intimate concert, almost personal, where nothing was lacking, just good energies. 


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Fidel Gamboa
The Eternal Voice of the People…

Fidel Gamboa, proud Nicoyan and excellent musician, was the leader of the Costa Rican musical group Malpais. On August 28th, Fidel died of cardiac arrest, unexpectedly ending a chapter for his followers, but the humble legacy of this man, who for 30 years was dedicated to music, will remain forever in the hearts of the Ticos.

Surfer Musician Donavon Frankenreiter Treats Nosara with Exclusive Concert

Donavon Frankenreiter marries perfectly the worlds of surfing and music. The folky pop artist is set to visit Nosara for a surfing camp, and while he is in town he plans to treat Nosara with a concert November 18. In Frankenreiter words it's the surfing that keeps him alive and the music that keeps him grounded.

November Astrology Report

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