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Fish Bar Brings Down The House

By Giordano Ciampini

Mumble Riot

This past Friday November 23rd  saw a rock and roll invasion of Cafe de Paris by the musical party love-child of Fabian Piguet and Christophe Chaix, Fish Bar Sessions, with screaming guitars, hammering drums and some good, old-fashioned punk vocals.

The packed house was full up of every mix of colour, age, gender, nationality and ethnicity. People mingled through the party, chatting, laughing, drinking, dancing and listening. Not a frown could be seen amongst the crowd, none of whom had to pay a cover charge, but instead putting that money to use at the busy bar by the pool.

The two bands, sourced by Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez for the event which was promoted by Erica Ayala, slayed the crowd with a series of killer tunes designed to make the crowd want to move.

Ave Negra kicked off the evening with some punk-style tracks, throaty vocals and searing guitar riffs. The crowd got down to the floor with a small dance floor between the band and the pool, with people dancing two-steps and shuffles that would make any ska fans melt.

Following the first act, Mumble Riot picked up the crowd with a similar punk-ska inspired sound, but still keeping the packed house entertained, with hoots and hollers coming from every corner of the place every time a song wrapped up.

Crowd participation peaked after the bands left the stage and DJ Paul took over, spinning classic dance tracks with reggae and latin music. During the set, four drums were brought about and party co-producer Christophe started beating down with the remaining drummers, slapping out movement-inducing beats that had the crowd dancing in the middle of conversations.

All in all, the event was able to do some social good, raising some money for Nosara's cultural centre Alas de Arte, with Gutierrez saying that “they were happy for the exposure, and that there was some money raised for them, but we won't be getting a final count until Monday November 26th, 2012.”

Alejandro Gutierrez and Christophe Chaix
Fish Bar at Cafe de Paris
Ave Negra drummer screams backing vocals into the mic during the Fish Bar
Sessions at Cafe de Paris Friday November 23.

The two bands, sourced by Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez for the event which was promoted by Erica Ayala, slayed the crowd with a series of killer tunes designed to make the crowd want to move.

Fish Bar Sessions is, according to Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez, an attempt to infuse some more musical flair into the Guiones music scene and if this past Friday's festivities were any indication for future events, performances and turn-outs, in the overheard words of one patron leaving the party: “[Stuff – actual word used was “shit”] is on now in Guiones, man.”


More entertainment news

Dos Pochote Asian Food

We welcome Dos Pochotes Restaurant, which celebrated its grand opening last November 19th. Chef Josep (Pepe) Bernades serves up fresh Asian food, with a new menu including items such as pad thai, Vietnamese pho, and all fish caught locally in Garza.  

Dinner to Benefit People Affected by Earthquake Raised $5000

On the night of Monday November 26, Rancho Tico restaurant was graced with the presence of 72 supportive and generous attendees for a dinner organized by a group of seven victims who lost their homes in the earthquake on September 5 in Nosara.

Guiones Hostel Raises Funds For Earthquake Victims

Nosara knows it's share of parties, and this past Saturday November 17th Nosara Beach Hostel held a great party with an equally great cause: To gather food and donations for those still feeling the effects of September fifth massive earthquake.

Check Out “Black Friday” Discounts in Nicoya

On November 23rd, the United States hosts the traditional Black Friday, the day that initiates the Christmas shopping season with deep discounts in many stores. Keeping up with the times, many local businesses are imitating the tradition. 

VON Astro from November 26 to December 2nd
Lunar Eclipse

A full moon eclipse on the 28th in Gemini will uncover what has been hidden, and create clarity around what has been brewing. 

Nosara Homeowners Of Houses Destroyed By Earthquake Organize Dinner For Reconstruction

A group of nine homeowners, whose houses were entirely destroyed by the earthquake of September 5 and must be demolished, organized a special dinner on November 26th at Rancho Tico restaurant, located in downtown Nosara.

Thanksgiving Food Bites

With American Thanksgiving just around the bend on Thursday, November 22, there may be a general hankering for turkey in the air amongst Nosara’s expat population, and we here at VON want to make sure you find a fix, with all the fixins.

VON Astro from November 19 to November 25
Creating Newness

As you begin to move forward, focus on your goals and be aware of your limitations.

Party at Nosara Beach Hostel to Help Earthquake Victims

The party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Nosara Beach Hostel was already in the works, when the hostels owner Andres Gonzalez Anglada, was talking to a friend about needing to do something to help the families suffering from damages caused by the September 5th earthquake, and Gonzalez decided to combine the two: a great party and a great cause.

VON Astro from November 12 to November 18
Total Solar Eclipse

There is a potent total solar (new moon) eclipse on the 13th of November that will re-emphasize and highlight all Scorpionic issues regarding birth, death, intimacy, sexuality, personal and shared finances, betrayal, loss, addiction, debt, power and control.

VON Announces Winners of Drawing Contest

Jose Antonio Villalobos Vargas of Nicoya is the winner of the Voice of Nosara’s drawing contest, and second place was awarded to Sara Nosara (her artistic name) of Nosara. 

VON Astro from November 6 to November 11
Mercury Turns Retrograde

As November begins, we are in the midst of cathartic transformation on the collective level. Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on the 6th, coloring things with some confusion, and creating a general lack of clarity.

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