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Nosara Sostenible, Making the Difference as a Tourist Destination

By Irina Guzman

The Estancia Hotel reopened its doors to the Nosara community this Saturday, December 3rd, for the “Sustainable Nosara Expo” Fair.  Beginning at noon, about 250 people enjoyed the different activities that the expo offered. 

Sustainable Nosara Expo commenced with the traditional Guanacastecan typical dances performed by the Santa Marta and Serapio Lopez schools.  Elderly men and women also joined the dance group to give the public a spectacular show. 

The principle objective of Sustainable Nosara is for the community knows and work together united under the same direction to advance efficiently, to ensure that achievements are reflected in a way that is noticeable and positive for everyone in the town.

In the expo, they celebrated the advancement of all of the sustainability projects that they’ve been working hard on, including “Blue Flag Adopt-a-School" and environmental campaigns against Styrofoam, which is used in selling food to go. They offered new ideas for avoiding garbage, such as transparent plastic bags that are oxi-biodegradable, biodegradable cleaning products and 100% biodegradable bottles. 

About twenty stands were presented with active organizations from Nosara like Nosara Animal Care, which rehabilitates animals that are homeless, abandoned, injured or sick and also conducts campaigns for castration and vaccination. Nosara Wildlife Refuge and SIBU Sanctuary share a common mission to rescue wild animals that are injured, orphaned or homeless, providing them with medical attention and rehabilitation to later be released into their natural habitat. 

Nosara Red Cross and the firefighters were also important participants, in addition to the Association of Wastes and Recycling, the DavidKitson public library, the Lagarta Lodge Refuge and the Surfing Nosara Foundation, which receives money by means of donations and utilizes the money in the local public schools.   

The fair developed during the afternoon with sales of empanadas filled with rice and chicken, watermelon, coconut water and pineapple juice, local artisans, exhibitions of recycled art presented by the private Home School Beach Academy, games for kids made from recycled materials, face painting and the Del Mar Academy stand, where the children presented songs and poems about the environment, leaving a clear message of how important water is for all living beings and the planet earth.  

Another non-government organization that presented its project was Costas Verdes (Green Coasts), formed four years ago by Costa Rican youths and biology and natural science educators, who are dedicated to reforesting the coasts.  This year they initiated a plan in Guiones beach, planting a thousand trees of coastal species with the help of area volunteers, students from different universities and schools.  

The Nosara Civic Association was a big help in driving the reforestation project, donating the economic funds to start. The Harmony Hotel acts in alliance, collaborating with the maintenance of the trees.  Likewise other private companies, as well as volunteer hands, are invited to participate to obtain more funds to expand the project. 

Marco Johanning, from Nosara’s Chamber of Tourism who also forms part of the Sustainable Nosara team, said, “We want to preserve Nosara, driving sustainable development, development considering the local communities, education, so the town has opportunities to establish its micro businesses, to be able to generate its income and so they aren’t pushed out when foreigners come, as happens in other coastal communities in the country.”

Among all the projects on behalf of the environment, Jessica Sheffield, from the Association of Wastes and Recycling, expounded an interesting and novel project about sustainable homes.  Beginning in March of 2012, they will be registering the homes that want to participate.  They will be evaluated October and December of 2012, by various public entities, including the Minister of Health and the National University.

David Kitson public library dance group
Lindsay Diaz for Home School Beach Academy
Local artisans

“Expo 2011 was truly a celebration of all of our hard work this year. Let´s keep at it, and we will achieve great things for Nosara,” said Johanning to the other organizers as the event concluded.

Nosara Sustainable Expo fulfilled all the expectations its first time around.  It will be held once a year, awaiting new projects and ideas in order to work together to shape Nosara into a sustainable tourist destination recognized on a worldwide level. 

The Expo ended with the semi-finals in the soccer tournament in the Nosara soccer field. 

1st place
Serapio López School from Nosara

2nd Place
Red Cross Youth Team

3rd Place
Esperanza School


Serapio 3
Red Cross 2

3rd and 4th Place
Esperanza 7
Portal de Garza 3

Tournament MVP Goals
– Ricardo Sirias López 32 goals, Esperanza School
– Randall de Jesús Arias Beteta with 26 goals, Red Cross Youth


No trash after the Expo
One of the goals of the event was not to create trash. The expo generated less than 2 full bags of trash and 1 can and about 10 non-biodegradable plastic bottles. Food that was offered was finger food or fruit, the cups used for juice and water were biodegradable, Jungle Jugs provided 150 biodegradable reusable water bottles, no plastic bottles were sold and coconut water was served with organic straws provided by Harmony Hotel Juice Bar.



More Community News

Young Journalists in Nosara

Students of the HomeSchool Beach Academy in Nosara studied the value of the human spirit and the importance of developing it across mankind. Their task was to find an example of a person in their community with such values, interview them and write an article.
In the following weeks, The voice of Nosara will share with their readers the articles of these young journalists which detail one spirit we all posses, helping others. Read Surfing the Pura Vida LifeWritten By Kevin Montiel Lopez, Grade 9.

Eduardo Arnáez Keeps Samara's Water Flowing

He has been such an integral part of Samara for so many decades, ensuring that clean drinking water continues flowing into Samara's homes and businesses, that it's hard to imagine the day when Eduardo Arnáez Montes, who is now 79, will retire from his position as Administrator of ASADA (Water Administration Association). Although he doesn't plan on retiring for another year or two, ASADA is looking for someone to start training to fill his shoes, but that is no easy task.

Escuelita de Nosara 2012

A reminder to all Escuelita de Nosara will be running again this coming January 2012. This year the program will only take place for three weeks beginning January 9th and ending the 27th. The program will take place at Escuela de Santa Marta from Monday-Friday, 1pm–4pm, ages 5-15, transportation will be provided please look for the bus schedule to be posted at public locations including Super Nosara.

Samara Preps for Fiestas at the end of the year
Famous bull "Chirriche" will be at the rodeo on Saturday, the 30th

Samara's Progressive Association is gearing up for this year's town fiestas, to be held from Wednesday, December 28th through Sunday, January 1st. The lineup and venue for this year's fiestas is similar to last year's, according to Freddy Mendoza Elizondo, President of the commission for the fiestas, with inexpensive admissions so the public can have fun participating in the activities.

Authentic Tico Culture to Enjoy in Nosara

Few people know that the Fiestas Patronales Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria includes an annual parade in Nosara every December. It features teams of oxen pulling Costa Rica's famously colorful oxcarts. The oxcart drivers need donations to assist with the cost, about $100 dollars per driver, to transport their oxen and oxcarts from Hojancha and the Nicoya region to Nosara.



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