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Young Journalists in Nosara


Students of the HomeSchool Beach Academy in Nosara studied the value of the human spirit and the importance of developing it across mankind. Their task was to find an example of a person in their community with such values, interview them and write an article.

Profile Gladis Matarrita
Street… People… Help!

Written by Lyanna Carvajal
Age 13, HomeSchool Beach Academy

People in the streets need help! Gladys Matarrita does everything that is possible to help them. These people need help to walk, food to eat or some money to get on the bus back to their destination.

When interviewed, Gladys Matarrita described herself as being a lonely person. She’s a wonderful mother of three kids ages 10 to 19 years old. She lives in Barco Quebrado, a place close to Garza, in her mother’s house with her children, her sister, aunt and her nephew. Normally she doesn’t get help from people, she confessed. That is why she decided to help those in need that she found on the street.

It might not be an enormous help, but for some it counts as a little act of kindness . “Every time I make a person happy it makes me feel like the best person in the world,” she expressed, as her eyes began to well up. People don’t do anything for the people in the street because they think they are drunk, but she doesn’t care.

When she drove her car from Nicoya she saw an old lady on the street. She decided to stop because this lady was poor and had no food. Gladys took a sausage and a box of milk out of her shopping bag and gave it to the lady. The lady blessed her and she was touched. Gladys shared several other examples that made me think about all the things I have right now that others do not.

Everyone should support somehow and help these people. Gladys Matarrita inspired me to help others because one day it could be my mom or me because it can happen to anybody. She’s an example of a person whose small acts of kindness make a big difference to people in need.


The Beauty of Saving an Animal
Written By Mariah Bishop, grade 8, HomeSchool Beach Academy Nosara


Sarah Louise Foster is a very inspirational person. She takes her own time, and money to help the poor animals of Nosara. She has been saving animals for about five years, and continues doing it.

Different events in Sarah’s life led her to wanting to help animals. When she was ten years old she was assigned a school project on exposing cruelty of laboratory animal testing and ending the fur trade. She wanted to save every animal in the world that needed to be rescued. An amazing event in Sarah’s life was when she went on a horseback trip in Liberia with her friend and she delivered a calf whose mother had been in labor for an extremely long time. The baby calf was born very healthy like its mommy. After that, Sarah began to go door to door to help people’s animals who were obviously unhealthy.

She now has a non-profit animal clinic in Nosara called NAC which stands for Nosara Animal Care that she opened in 2006. It now has its own building. Eventually it will be open fulltime with full vet services and it will have an adoption center. The most difficult part of the Animal Care is keeping up with all the animals that need help like giving shots and being neutered. The rewarding part of the clinic is seeing change. Usually when Sarah helps an animal the owner changes the way he or she treats their pets.

Sarah opened the Animal Care because she doesn’t like the fact many hopeless animals are still uncared for. She tries to help every living being. She’s amazing at what she does and is a person with a strong will to help animals. Sarah said, “Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing an animal is alone, suffering, starving, in pain, being abused, or neglected.”


Surfing the Pura Vida Life
Written By Kevin Montiel Lopez, Grade 9


Luis Montiel or also known as “Tio Leo,” is a person who lives the Pura Vida life. He was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1985. When he was young his mother decided to move to Nosara, Guanacaste and there he saw the beach for the first time. He immediately caught the feeling for the waves and fell in love with them. From that point on he never stopped surfing. Now he is 21 years old and he owns his own Surf Shop Nosara Tico, the first surf shop to be owned by Ticos.

“Tio Leo” has the passion for surfing and believes that surfing is an important part of his life. He is always grateful to God for creating the waves and the beach. He also thinks that surfing is a healthy sport based on a lot of respect and said in an interview, “I always like to surf in my charquito.”

He uses his free time to help local kids to prepare for the National Surf Circuit (CNS). In addition to training them, he also raises money for the local kids. Each child needs more than $150 for food, inscription, transportation and a hotel stay just for one competition. He feels that helping these kids is his job and responsibility so he works hard to keep the young surfers away from drugs and instead focusing on surfing. He doesn’t get paid but he feels good when he sees them out of trouble and he hopes that someday they are going to appreciate what he is doing for them and give someone else the same gift Tio Leo has given them.


More Community News

Eduardo Arnáez Keeps Samara's Water Flowing

He has been such an integral part of Samara for so many decades, ensuring that clean drinking water continues flowing into Samara's homes and businesses, that it's hard to imagine the day when Eduardo Arnáez Montes, who is now 79, will retire from his position as Administrator of ASADA (Water Administration Association). Although he doesn't plan on retiring for another year or two, ASADA is looking for someone to start training to fill his shoes, but that is no easy task.

Escuelita de Nosara 2012

A reminder to all Escuelita de Nosara will be running again this coming January 2012. This year the program will only take place for three weeks beginning January 9th and ending the 27th. The program will take place at Escuela de Santa Marta from Monday-Friday, 1pm–4pm, ages 5-15, transportation will be provided please look for the bus schedule to be posted at public locations including Super Nosara.

Samara Preps for Fiestas at the end of the year
Famous bull "Chirriche" will be at the rodeo on Saturday, the 30th

Samara's Progressive Association is gearing up for this year's town fiestas, to be held from Wednesday, December 28th through Sunday, January 1st. The lineup and venue for this year's fiestas is similar to last year's, according to Freddy Mendoza Elizondo, President of the commission for the fiestas, with inexpensive admissions so the public can have fun participating in the activities.

Authentic Tico Culture to Enjoy in Nosara

Few people know that the Fiestas Patronales Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria includes an annual parade in Nosara every December. It features teams of oxen pulling Costa Rica's famously colorful oxcarts. The oxcart drivers need donations to assist with the cost, about $100 dollars per driver, to transport their oxen and oxcarts from Hojancha and the Nicoya region to Nosara.

Nosara Sostenible, Making the Difference as a Tourist Destination

The Estancia Hotel reopened its doors to the Nosara community this Saturday, December 3rd, for the “Sustainable Nosara Expo” Fair.  Beginning at noon, about 250 people enjoyed the different activities that the expo offered. 



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