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Sustainable Nosara Expo on Dec. 8 Promotes Involvement
Nosara Festival of Lights starts at 5 p.m.

By Giordano Ciampini

Mark this coming December 8th on your calendar for an afternoon filled with green projects, products and services, because the Sustainable Nosara Expo will be bringing eco-centrist ideas and people to speak, show, and interact at the Del Mar Academy from noon until 5 p.m.

“The idea of the expo is to bring the community together and show all the initiatives that are going on,” said event coordinator Jessica Sheffield. The goal is for people to not only know what’s going on but also to participate. 

Visitors will be treated to educational materials and understanding of the basics of recycling and rubbish separation. With booths and displays from the Recycling Centre, the Nosara Civic Association and dozens of artisans, vendors and other people involved in sustainable businesses, the event is sure to have something for just about everyone, according to coordinator Bobbi Johnson.
“There will be cultural and dance performances,” explained Johnson. “We’ve invited solar power providers and anyone else who has sustainable business models, even organic farmers.”

Expo visitors are also invited to join the parade to the Nosara plaza at 5 p.m. for the Festival of Lights celebration. When the expo organizers found out that the festival was to fall on the same day as the expo, they decided to unite the two efforts. 
The catchword used at the expo last year and hopefully in subsequent years is “minimal impact,” meaning that the organizers are aiming for zero untreatable trash during the event. Last year’s experience proves that it’s possible. About 300 people attended, and only one bag of landfill-destined trash was collected from the expo grounds, according to Johnson.
This year, no plastic bottles of water or pop are permitted for sale, only recyclable or biodegradable containers will be provided to patrons and plantain leaves will be used as dishes.  

Visitors will be participating through their use of biodegradable materials and are invited to participate in other activities as well “to help make the community more sustainable and a better place for us all to live,” as Sheffield put it.

David Kitson public library dance group
Local artisans


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This past Saturday December 9th saw the 2nd year of the Sustainable Nosara Exposition, a gathering of artisans, educators, performers and the community to support and reaffirm sustainable practices and products which make Nosara the Eco-Mecca it has become.

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Insecticide Found at Nosara River Mouth

Danger was averted during a river cleanup on Sunday, November 18, when a plastic container of toxic insecticide was found near the mouth of the Nosara River.

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