It Is Time to Get Out of The Box

Loving Venus moves into her home sign of Libra on the 17th, bringing all good things to the foreground.

Seek rebellion that is fed on grace and steeped in beauty. Fill your spaces with fresh daisies. Eat mouthwatering foods with your lover.  Relationship harmony, and our ability to compromise will be put on the table now, as we examine any recent internal changes and how they work when we meet up with the world at large. These are dynamic times that will put all of our close relationships to the test in order to discover whether they are aligned with what we are becoming.

Release any focus on how things “need” to be in order to uphold the status quo. Real Justice and Freedom lies within. Aim for the goals that you find resonating on your deepest level of truth. Turn up the speakers and dance to the music that makes your body move.  Champion causes, letting the warrior for peace within awaken you to the ways that you can help on a large scale. Walk a mile in another shoes. Do your best to do right by the world. Chose to fill your days with thoughts, words and actions that grow a God/dess of goodness within you.

The full moon arrives on the 20th in Aquarius, offering a second chance to break free from any chains that bind.

The first full moon in this series occurred on July 22nd, and was designed to sound the alarm for the new paradigm that is emerging. When the full moon rings on the 20th- we can no longer ignore the call for change.

Ideas that previously felt disconnected or ungrounded, have now become clear. We may not quite know where we are yet, but we can see the direction that we are heading in, and what truths can longer be ignored. It is time to get out of the box. We are free falling towards our destiny. Look deep within your conditioning for the patterns and habits that keep you small. We must each do our part if this shift is going to lead us to greatness. We are too special not to own our power and share our gifts with each other, and we need the strength of our community to move mountains and weather the storm. Act with agility and delight as you surf these unexpected winds of change, recognizing that each plot twist is part of a grand master plan.