Its Time to Choose the Road Ahead

Mars moves into Libra on the 7th, where it will stay through July, due to a potent retrograde period beginning in February. This lengthy transit marks a point of no return for us on a collective level.

The unseen glue that held us together and on the right path throughout the summer is gone, and now we must start to actively choose the road ahead.

Look back to emotional experiences that occurred while Saturn was transiting Libra, from October of 2009 to October of 2012, for clues. People from the past reappear for another go round, and lessons that were on the table then could return for greater meaning, expansion and resolution.

Start to explore how you relate, how well you listen to your own truth, and how capable you are of hearing and honoring the needs of others. Question how you treat the people around you, and how much love you require in order for someone to earn your loyalty. Do you value close connections? Do you guard your heart in order to stay safe, holding others at a distance? Do you ask for what you need, and are willing to walk away if you do not receive it?

Mull over give and take in your life, weighing what you find against any fears of intimacy or vulnerability. Get clear about where you are. It is time to ground new standards in relationship by facing the same old wishes, lost causes, karmic connections, and tempting toys that have been re-evoked so that you can prove that you have finally resolved to stick to your guns. Make allowances that you can handle, but know where to draw the line in the sand. If others are excusing their actions by claiming their right to do as they please, then walk away.

Your conscious choice to learn and grow though relationship is enough reason to only engage in partnership with people who understand that connection is a two-way street. If you feel like you do not have the strength to free yourself from a negative situation because you are attached to what is comfortable or familiar, Mars will give you the courage to get clear and say what needs to be said, or do what needs to be done. If it seems that you have held yourself back from love, Mars will force you to expand. Deal breakers and game changers could appear. Crisis will be created where negotiations are necessary.

Over the next 8 months, Mars will seek to liberate us from what we cling to, working towards making real our potential for equal partnership, a more balanced relationship with ourselves, and harmony with world at large.