Listen Closely to Your Voice

Mars joins the planets in Cancer on the 14th and our emotions gain even more momentum.

Intuition is heightened. We feel sensitive and fragile. The role of women and issues related to mothering, nurturing, and psychic sensitivity abound.

We have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, using our feelers to gauge the world around us.

Pay attention to the ways in which you may be afraid of being hurt or wounded by others.

Where does your fear lie? Listen closely. Is it the voice of intuition or is it the voice of illusion?

If you feel like you are swimming upstream, take an honest look at the things that you are attempting to achieve. What are you aiming towards? Is it worth fighting for?

We can no longer force our way. Things must feel right, and align with our greater sense of what is meant to be.

Soothe emotions by channeling energy into creative outlets. Gain strength by connecting with others. There is a cyclical nature to things at this time.

Accept the spiral path that is being laid before you. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Continue to try to find a balance between home and career, knowing that both are necessary to succeed.

Many blessings and Pura Vida!