Make an Effort to Talk Things Through

Mercury turns retrograde on the 26th and feelings intensify.

Miscommunications, delays, and frustration abound. We are hypersensitive now, and wearing our hearts on our sleeve.

Do your best to avoid the spin cycle of self-deprecation. Fear stems from not being able to accept what is so.

Surrender to the inevitable, and let reality seep in. Deepen your relationships by speaking from the heart.

Release the need to hide from your feelings. Acknowledge the desire for nurturing, comfort, and support. Get on the same page as others, and make an effort to talk things through. Be thoughtful and kind.

Let go of what you can no longer control; take charge and move towards opportunities that are currently unfolding. Juggle the variables with pride.

Take time to join together with the ones you love for moments of remembrance and healing.

When Venus moves into passionate Leo at the close of the month, the mood lightens considerably. Our love nature becomes ardent. Sparks fly! It is time to connect with the world at large.

We feel big things brewing; our talents yearn to be seen. Dance upon the stage. Play the hero, or the heroine. Begin planting seeds, confident in your ability to navigate this land, where we feel each other’s feelings through our skin, and hear each other’s thoughts with our hearts.

When the time is right, chose the path of least resistance. Have the courage to make a leap. Look to what you know and use it in a new way, building your life from scratch.

Delight in the light living around you, and let it nourish your own light within. Fake it till you make it. Let the truth set you free.

There are things that need our attention now that have nothing to do with our own responsibilities and desires. Take it as it comes. Be proud. We are in the process of creating history.

Many blessings and pura vida!