Masculine and Feminine Energies Back into Alignment

When the full moon in Cancer arrives on the 15th our emotions are amplified, and stifled feelings arise to be aired like dirty laundry.

If there is any doubt about how you truly feel, the circumstances coming to a head now were designed to show you. Keep your mind clear and your feet on the ground so that you don’t get too carried away with yourself. Changes are abundant, and forward movement is much easier when we lighten our load. Question each other’s morals and motives, getting clear about what you are willing to accept. Take a moment to explore your own values and beliefs. What do you take pride in? What gives your life meaning? What do you honor above all else?  What do you ignore or deny, so that your life easier to deal with? What pieces of your story still need healing and release? What pieces of your past support you?  Which areas of your life are not as developed as you would like? What ideas for the future excite you? Let the answers come, using this opportunity to get clear on your feelings at the heart of the matter.

Venus retrograde is in play throughout the month, asking us to reassess all that we hold dear. The need to be seen, heard, honored, and valued grows paramount. We are acknowledging the injustices, and unwilling to accept any more abuse on a personal or collective level. Nurturing and receptivity are qualities that been denied in both men and women, by the current patriarchal worldview and political agenda.

Venus is doing her best to point out this glaring imbalance by showing us the necessity for rest and retreat, drawing boundaries with others, and shining the light on our ability to give and receive. Look closely at what you keep hidden, most importantly from yourself.  Seek deep to find the answers surrounding issues of self-love and self-respect.

Heal any wounds of anger, betrayal, jealousy, possessiveness, regret, brutality, and domination by bringing your masculine and feminine energies back into alignment. Surround yourself with the people who support you, those who think about you and do things to show you that they care. Lay the groundwork, building the foundation of your success by learning to let love in. This time period is bound to bring some defining moments. We are torn between clinging to what we know and moving forward, into the unknown. Relationships may end as we honor feelings about what is no longer working. Give thanks for all you are leaving behind, but focus on where you are heading. Spontaneity born of trusting Life will grow into joy and gratitude.  Issues related to women, the mother, the feminine, our feelings and needs, our homes, and our relationships are on the table; and the reevaluation of global issues regarding property, land, and water is highlighted. Major Earth changes are possible