Mercury’s Shift into Scorpio Focusing on our Deeper Psychological Motivations

The intensity increases as October begins. Our plates are full, the momentum is quick, and confusion abounds. We feel the weight of commitments made that will carry us through the end of the year. Some risks have delivered rewards, and others have left us dangling by a thread. Financial strains are up for many, due to leaps of faith that have amplified our sense of lack. Powerful times are ahead and the wheels of change keep turning. Trust that everything is as it needs to be, and that you will be taken care of as you move towards your ambitions.

Mercury’s shift into Scorpio at the beginning of the month focuses us on our deeper psychological motivations.

We crave transformation within, and around us. Use this energy to dream up strategies to get what you want, and look for serious answers to longstanding questions. Speak less, and listen more as you let your mind wonder about creating change or reform in your life. Busy yourself cleaning house and putting your affairs in order. Weigh out the variables and take stock of your resources. Ask yourself what drains you? What makes you feel vitalized? Search your habits, crutches, and addictions for patterns that are stunting your growth. Explore any unresolved ties to the past that hold you back, or strings of destiny that you are choosing to ignore.

Question whether your current mode of operation is just a recipe for how to avoid dealing with the things that make you uncomfortable or scared. Issues of finance, personal power, birth, death, sex, anger, jealousy, resentment, and any control issues are up for review. Darker fantasies could come into play, needing acknowledgement and integration. Have we betrayed another or ourselves? Are we making choices that we feel good about? Get radically honest about what you find, letting it teach you about how you truly feel and who you truly are.

When the new moon arrives on the 5th in loving Libra, fill up the spaces around you with care and beauty.

Revelations are possible as our vision clears, offering us a wider perspective. Pay close attention to your dreams over the coming weeks , as they carry messages with the power to change the way you see your world. Fill up with questions and be content to wait for the answers to come.

The idea of partnership is strong here, both in romance and business. Bear witness on your interactions, observing how others are a reflection of all that is within you. Ask yourself if you are invested in your relationships. Do you use criticism or judgment to stay in control of your emotions? Do you subconsciously do things to sabotage intimacy? Are you secretly looking for the backdoor? What scares you the most about commitment? Libra asks us to open our hearts and our minds to a connection where 9/10ths of success is just showing up, and a relationship will only work if both people want it to. The lessons of cooperation, compromise, and forgiveness can be found at every turn.  Accept others as they are, because to love another is to love their scars.