Moderation and Compromise

Mercury moves into Libra on the 9th, and it is time to weight out the checks and balances.

We feel strong willed and ready to put our ideas into action. How good are you at negotiating? Can you allow room for others opinions? Do you take the time to find your own inner truth?

The road steepens ahead; we are tested in our communication skills, and our ability to play well with others. Be patient with yourself. Weigh out your options, making lists that help to clarify your feelings. Be honest about what needs to change. Then look for doubts that may exist around your ability to bring it about. Is there a necessary transformation that you are avoiding because you believe it will create more problems for you to have to deal with?

Mercury in Libra wants to teach us about moderation and compromise. Do you view your relationships with a, “me vs. you”, mentality? If so, how can you reframe it as, “us vs. the world»? Talk things through with grace and poise. Focus on truth and justice, while keeping your words diplomatic and your tone soothing. Seek out silver linings that can provide hope and enthusiasm. Share your love freely with others. Pass out compliments like wild flowers.

When Venus dives into Scorpio on the 12th we are plunged into the darker realms of love. We feel sensual and sexual, craving depth and intimacy. Superficial connections dissolve. Suspicions become aroused. Secrets are exposed.

Painful feelings related to issues of control, powerlessness, intimacy, letting go, rage, anger, grief, taboo subjects, obsessive behavior, or deep psychological blockage around loving and being loved may come up for review. Desires beyond our rational mind surface, as the needs of our body and soul come into play. Rising above these obstacles for perspective is always helpful, but Scorpio requires that we swim straight through what we most fear, confronting our darker qualities head on.

The inner depths will be unearthed, whether we deliberately chose to excavate or not. Unconscious or unacknowledged parts of our psyche have the power to magnetize to us people and/or situations that will awaken what is hidden within. These poignant truths will become clearly visible in the light of day. Look deeply into any area of your life where your passion is blocked from its true expression. What early familial patterns and childhood experiences may have caused you to stifle your vitality? Are there reoccurring feelings that you would rather ignore? Own what you find. Surrender where you must. You cannot change anything until you know it NEEDS to change.

The issues will be seen but, ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you will be honest with yourself. Build your character by having the courage to admit what is wrong. This energy may not be comfortable. Luckily, there are circumstances readily available to assist in the healing. Honesty is the only way through worry or doubt. Put your cards on the table, and see where it leaves you. Remember in the hardest times, that relationships are all about learning how to forgive. Let go of old wounds. Allow the truth to set you free.