Move Towards Your Goals Step by Step

Mars moves into Virgo on the 16th, providing us with the grounding and focus to get things done.

We are busy taking care of the details. Communication is plentiful, and it could be hard to keep up with the current influx of data. Simplify your surroundings, streamline your projects and plans. Be realistic as you work towards your goals, biting off little pieces, one at a time.

Others may assess your skills, or your productivity may come up for review. Controversy in the workplace is possible so guard against irritability and impatience.  If you have the time to do it twice, you have time to do it right the first time. Standards are important and we strive to achieve excellence in our endeavors.

Virgo is seeking perfection in the physical form. Get back on track regarding any exercise regimes that may have let slip up. Strengthen your practices and tighten your core. Focus on creating a diamond within you. Create a daily ritual that soothes your nervous system, engaging in activities that promote health and healing. Pay attention to the foods you eat, and the thoughts that you feed your mind.

A potent eclipse arrives with the full moon in Aries on the morning of the 18th, reinventing the landscape. Waking up here, it may seem that you have landed far from your charted shore. If you have not been fully aligned with your divine purpose and plan, course corrections are coming and flexibility is paramount for survival.

Mull over your options before jumping to any conclusions. Take the lead and stay committed to your goals and if you find blockages, build bridges. Act independently; initiate. Culmination arrives for some, while others allow new ideas to refuel their reserves.  This eclipse asks us to blend seemingly unrelated energies, calling for the marriage of faith in a higher power, with unrelenting attention to detail. 

The Aries/ Libra axis highlights any issues of self vs. relationships and relatedness. Our own wants and needs are strong, yet circumstances require that we work together to get things done. Be objective. Compromise where you can, and accommodate each other’s needs. Take baby steps into newfound territory as you explore different ways of connecting with each other. 

This lunation may start off mildly, but at some point over the next three months we will all be called upon to face our fears and show the world that we have matured.  The courage arrives just in time, as we prepare to act on whatever we have been avoiding. This is the realm of possibility. Put your heart on the line and ask for what you want. Then watch as everything in the universe lines up to bring it to you.  Issues of self, leadership, cooperation, sexual drive, vitality, enthusiasm, military, war, tactical strategy, patience, pride, purity, anger, craftsmanship, skill, machinery, the role of women in the world and prominent female figures come to the foreground.